MBB: Aubrey Dawkins also visiting Michigan this weekend

Submitted by Raoul on April 17th, 2014 at 8:15 AM

On both Twitter and today's recruiting roundup (podcast), Sam Webb has reported that the Michigan basketball program will host a second visitor this weekend—Aubrey Dawkins, a 6-4 shooting guard out of New Hampton Prep in New Hampshire. He's the son of Johnny Dawkins, head coach at Stanford and a national player of the year during his college career at Duke who went on to play nine years in the NBA. Rivals lists Aubrey Dawkins with offers from Dayton and Rhode Island. Why not Stanford? Sam says it's probably because of Stanford's tough admission standards.

So that's two possible late 2014 signees who are visiting this weekend—the other of course being Muhammad Ali Abdur-Rahkman.



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Just kidding....nothing will ever make me or any of us forget Nik Stauskas or the electrifying GR3. That being said, Aubrey is going to be a Dynamic athlete and Beilein could really turn this kid into another pro. This post just made my morning. If we add Aubrey Dawkins.....Holy shit! I really think this kid could by a hell of a player for us!


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Agreed.  I don't mean to knock Abdur-Rahkman but his ceiling just doesn't seem to be as high as Dawkins.  I still can't figure out why Dawkins isn't rated higher by the services, especially considering he plays in a pretty well scouted league and his dad is Johnny Dawkins.


Also, Raoul you are a very informative poster and I, for one, greatly appreciate the information you share.


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When he was in HS, his dad was the coach at Iowa State. He didn't think his own son was good enough to get a schollie offer at ISU.  Obviously, he was wrong, but there is a case of his father being objective toward his son.

That could be the case, but I haven't heard anything about academics preventing him from getting a schollie offer at Stanford.


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It is hard to tell what type of all around player one is just from watching a highlight tape but you can definitely get a sense of the talent level.  With that said, you can definitely see Dawkins is extremely talented.  As far as Stanford not extending an offer, that could be related to academics or maybe they just thought it would be best for Aubrey to branch out and be on his own.  


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I think we really need to look for a 5. Hopefully we'll have McGary, but if not the 5 spot is gonna be a true frosh (Doyle) or a stretch 4 out of position (Donnal). I think if we take one of these guys, we'll be good on wing for a while.


But of course, in Beilein we trust.


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"Technically" we only have one open scholarship this year.

Say whatever you want about Hatch, but I don't believe Beilien would give him 0% chance of coming back from his injuries by putting him on a hardship before ever stepping foot on the court.


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Mitch is a huge lynch pin in this whole dynamic. I may have this confused, but didn't, per NCAA rules, the early entrees have to declare or pull their names out by yesterday? So, even though he has not announced anything, does Mitch already have his decision made? If so, I have to believe Coach B already knows this.

A son with NBA pedigree is usually a great thing, and Dawkins looks like he would be a great fit. I would welcome whomever the mIchigan coaches decide to bring on because they have proven they know what they are doing.

Do I think we need another big man? Absolutely! However, our coaches are way smarter than me and I trust them fully.

Also, is this a sign that we are out of the Eron Harris sweepstakes?


I sure would love a Hello post this weekend though!


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The NCAA early entry deadline is essentially fictitious, because they can't force someone to come back to school if they decide not to afterwards. So he can basically say, "Oh yeah, I'll come back" and still change his mind until the NBA draft entry deadline.


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Hell no. You have to make sure you can sign a four-man class in 2015. We are in great positions with the Jalens and McQuad and also need a big man. 

Have to believe based on their other offers that both these kids want to come here. I'd run a scrimmage with both of them involved and further evaluate which one would fit next year's squad better.


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Although I love the name Muhammad Ali Abdur Rahkman, I think Dawkins would better thrive at Michigan. Losing GR3, I think we need another stud athlete and Dawkins fits that mold much better than Rahkman.


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I do think though that the addition of more athleticism to this team would be very beneficial. I felt at times this year that we were outmatched athletically--which in part goes to rebounding with GR3 as a 4. But to teams like Indiana and (obviously) Kentucky we gave up dunk after dunk and rebound after rebound due to our inferior athletic ability. I think Michigan is due to change with the guys we're bringing in though. 


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Ideally, I would love to get Dawkins and Marial Shayok. Shayok is caris levert 2.0. Really tall and lanky with surprisingly good handles. I agree with what others have said, Beilein could do special things with Dawkins


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Is this accurate?   It shows Shayock decommitted on the 11th, and UM immediately offered?  I thought Beilein only offered kids who had visited campus?  (Not sure if Shayock visited pre Marquette commit)


As for Dawkins I am sure Beilein can make him a solid player but I am a bit worried about expectations I am reading on this board.  Unlike the typical Beilein player Dawkins will be "old" for his class - which IMO is what we need with the potential losses of LeVert, and at this rate we have to assume Irvin in 12 months.  But old for your class usually means you have more of an idea of what you are getting with less upside - he will be 20 next year.  So from a maturity standpoint that is a good thing but it probably takes away some upside.  And guys not every player that has no BCS offer is going to be LeVert Jr.  If Dawkins is a solid 4 year bench player we can snag this late in the process we should be content.  

Shayock on the other hand looks like a typical Beilein pull and has offers from Virginia and Indiana.  I know it is not all about offer sheet but I think expectations have gotten out of hand in terms of what we expect this staff to do with every kid.  

p.s. I know Stanford is a fantastic school but I am a bit wary of the academic standards argument - I cannot believe that every kid on that football team is a genius.  And I would think (Harbaugh alert) that our standards are not THAT far below Stanford's for athletes.


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I can't stand it when they change speeds and clip the action too tight.  I have no idea how quick Dawkins is from either video.  I also have no idea on his handle.

As with almost all highlight videos, how accurately he shoots from outside is unknown.  He could range from a sharp shooter to those were the only shots he hit all year.

He has a great name, but hard to get excited without seeing more.