MBB 2013 Class up to 6 on Scout

Submitted by jackfl33 on June 7th, 2012 at 11:54 AM

Scout has updated it's overall class rankings. Michigan has moved up to 6th overall and 3rd in the B1G, trailing Purdue and Indiana. Michigan cracks the top 10 despite Scout criminally underrating Zak Irvin, leaving him entirely out of their top 100. PG Derrick Walton comes in at 48 overall while Post Mark Donnal follows at 80. http://michigan.scout.com/2/1192620.html#.T9CxJDJZceY.twitter



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Why does Scout have such a hard time making their website even remotely appealing to the eyes? And why do they list Stauskas twice on our 2012 commit list?


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Scout is actually being entirely rebranded as an arm of FOX Sports called FOX Sports NEXT. The details are still kinda fuzzy (to me), but I would expect all the Scout sites to take on much more of the look you see across all the FOX platforms right now.




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You can see it pretty clearly on Scout without any fancy pants database manipulation. I noticed that he was in there twice a while ago and was curious about it then, so I figured it out. Interestingly, his two profiles are actually ranked differently...one is a three and one a four star.

Space Coyote

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The number of players is low, so the variance is high.  There are limitted positions, so looking at team needs is important, and these team rankings don't really take that into account.  I think team rankings in basketball give you very little useful info in regards to how much it helps your team.

That being said, I'm glad Michigan is up that high, for the little significance I give it.

Space Coyote

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That it's not like football, where almost every team will have about 20 players and therefore a more accurate assessment can be given.  A high ranking means something in the context that it means you are getting some better players, but the actual number ranking isn't all that accurate just because of the low numbers of commits.  I put much more stock in football rankings


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Do we have more scholarships for this class available?  Seems like we've given out roughly 8 scholarships in the past two classes


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It depends.  Who leaves after this year?  THJ, TB, GRIII, and McGary (MM) all have the potential to leave after this year, thus opening up 4 more scholarship opportunities. 

However, if we're looking strictly in terms of graduation, I believe only Vogrich is graduating after this year, although I'm hearing rumblings about McLimans being listed as a senior, and not a 4th year junior.

Hope this helps.


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It all depends on future attrition.  Michigan is currently one over the 13 player  limit for the 2013 class.  That is unlikely to hold.


Burke goes pro after this year

Hardaway goes pro after this year

McGary or GR3 is awesome and goes one n done.

Hatch reclassfies to 2014

If none happens, we gots problems.  If one happens, we have no more schollys.  If two happen, we have one open...etc.