Max Redfield Decommits from USC

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Max Redfield has decommitted from USC.

Why is this relevant may you ask? USC's class was full prior to this decommittment....and Redfield for those of you who don't know is a Safety. Therefore there is now a spot for Leon McQuay III in their class. The competition is now on.…



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So USC has the number 3 safety(a 4 star) according to Rivals decommit and they may just pick up the number 2(a five star) safety to replace him.  That class is unreal, it's a shame their coach is terrible.


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Larger in state talent pool. Beautiful weather. Tons of beautiful women. Better off campus locations. More recent championship success. Those are starters. Do I need to go on? Because OJ Mayo and Reggie Bush have some people around them that have described some of the other benefits.


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I wouldn't call the weather, location, or recent success an unfair advantage, is it an advantage, in most circumstances yes, is it unfair, no.

As for OJ Mayo and Reggie Bush, well if you are going to count that against USC, then I guess the bball team has an unfair advantage thanks to CWebb.


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The only really unfair advantages USC have are the ones they make unfair by cheating.  Having famous actors and musical artists tell recruits how great they are and how they will "help them get into the biz," when they are mediocre performers at best, is a great example.  

Also, is there anyone who doesn't believe that USC is one of the top three or four teams in paying players?   Reggie Bush was just one of the few whose parents got caught, but I can't imagine there not being a lot more.  We've all heard the rumors; we've all seen the last-second "flips."  

Other programs give golden handshakes; USC boosters can afford to give houses.  If one was stupid enough to make such an easily-traced "contribution," how many are giving "monopoly money" under the table?

Speaking of which, I wonder if they have already given Redfield money?  I don't know if I'd want to risk recruiting him now.


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With respect to alledgely giving Redfield money, I wonder if they did (allegedly), could they get it back, like a quasi-return policy?  That would be cool if there were rules like that in rule-breaking moves like paying recruits.


oriental andrew

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That's not an unfair advantage.  An unfair advantage is paying players, giving them extra other perks which are not the norm or skirting violations, recruiting improprieties, etc.

The weather, in-state talent, demographic, location, etc. just are what they are. 

Aside from recent championship success, UCLA is not much different from USC, in terms of what you've listed (and UCLA's main campus is in a better area than USC, imo).  I'm sure UCLA were wishing for some of your so-called unfair advantage.


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Have you been to SC? If you mean by "better off campus locations" an hour in the car to get to the beach, sure, but USC's immediate off campus locations are, ummm....the opposite of good/sate. To say that the campus is in a shitty shitty neighborhood is an understatement. Funny enough, back in the day, the city of LA offered SC the land where UCLA now sits. USC declined, they wanted to be closer to downtown....EPIC FAIL. While UCLA sits in lovely Westwood, SC is in the middle of the projects. I will agree with you on the weather part. The women..yeah, LA has pretty women, but so do most large cities (Miami, NY, Chicago, San Diego, Seattle, etc etc). Ann Arbor has it's share as well =) 


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I'm starting to feel that way as well.  The only reason for any optimism is that he is still scheduled to visit for the Northwestern game.

The most recent articles on Rivals don't mention Michigan at all.  I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens after the visit.  


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Were you actually expecting McQuay to end up at UM? I know I wasn't (am not). UM is probably in 3rd or 4th place for McQuay.

Just like last season, UM will likely whiff on the remaining elite targets on their board: Treadwell (Oklahoma or Okie St), McQuay (USC or FSU) and Green (I think he ends up at an ACC school like FSU, VT or Clemson). UM will probably be filling out the remainder of the class with "sleepers" again. Except for the lack of an elte WR, though, I am already perfectly comfortable with UM's class as is.

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Hope so on Treadwell, but there hasn't been a ton of positive news for Michigan recruiting lately.  Think this class closes out with a wimper rather than the bang many of us were hoping for about 6 months ago.

But don't get me wrong, its still a really good class though.  Lots of guys to be excited about.


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Just a gut feeling that tells me he knows hes coming to UM but wants to enjoy the process. Nothing wrong with that IMO.

What's your take on chicken/turkey sausage? I sort of understand the hot dog hate but man I couldn't live without chicken sausage. Top it with jalapeno mustard, relish and onion. No ketchup. Never ketchup.


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I get that last year's class didn't close strongly (forgetting for the moment that it was a top 15 class), but the pessimism of posts like this are idiculous.   I agree that McQuay is a longshot but I don't see any reason to think that Michigan isn't close/leads for Treadwell and Green.

Treadwell has maintainted throughout that he loves Michigan and I haven't seen any analyst that doesn't think that we're in the lead.   As for Green, the only school that you mention that is even a finalist is Va. Tech.   The schools that appear to be the closest to Michigan among his favorites-- Auburn and Tennessee-- are having terrible seasons.

Now, maybe none of these guys will end up in Ann Arbor, but to say that we'll "likely whiff" on those targets just isn't in line with the current reality of the situation.


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Oregon is a damn machine, of course, but USC has given up 29 to Syracuse, 28 to Utah, and 39 to AZ and our old friend down there, which indicates that their defense isn't performing as well it should, given its talent.

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Actually, I think our D would have fared better than USCs.  USC clearly has a talent advantage but the defensive scheme was terrible.  Oregon was getting 10 yards a pop running the ball it seemed.  Our line and linebacks would have fared better than that IMO.  Our secondary might have had issues I will give you that.


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including Oregon, Alabama, LSU....decidedly not ND...that are playing an entirely different game than everyone else.  I firmly believe we will be there by 2014 or 2015 depending on QB development, but for now those teams would (and in Alabama's case did) make us look bad.


November 5th, 2012 at 10:23 AM ^

Quack attack obliterated them.

I REALLY am anticipating a Bama v. Oregon matchup.  I think Bama shuts down Oregon on the strength of their front 7 on D, and heavy heavy doses of the Bama O-line with Lacy being pounded down their throats.

With our recruiting classes, I'm hoping our offensive lines of the future turn into Alabama's.  Could not be more impressed with their starting five.


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USC has Hawkins a CB and friend with Goodman a 4 star safety USC had offered. He might pledge soon and take Redfields spot. If he does that would keep McQuay in play.


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I live 3 minutes from the school both those kids go to ( Goodman / Hawkins ) Goodman has been stringing SC along for almost 8 months. Rumor here in RC is that Goodman favors LSU. This could help SC but stop acting like you know lol, Goodman has been waiting forever and Hawkins already deCommitted from SC once and just recently reCommited back to the Trojans.


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As a joke like "are u serious" w the rumor comment lol. Anyway I will talk w my assistant baseball coach tonight at our game and ask what he knows, his son is the ball boy on the football team and the head coach is his best friend. Let me see what he says

Rumor has it - jk