Max Exposure Combine - Shane has speed

Submitted by JJB2 on December 22nd, 2011 at 8:44 AM

Here's a brief rundown of the Adidas Maximum Exposure Combine at SilverDome.  Shane had some position struggles but surprised everyone with his speed for a pocket passer.  4.7 forty ... not delithium, but great for a pro-style guy and 4.06 in the shuttle.

Nate Bossory (Manchester, MI) opens some scout's eyes.  May be some future Big 10 battles with Shane.…



December 22nd, 2011 at 9:57 AM ^

HEY!!! Be nice. Manchester fields a consistently good team every year. Only problem is that we are D-6 (lol). Everything I've seen of the kid (which is quite a bit seeing how Manchester is my home town and I love high school football) indicates he's more of a MAC kind of QB but as you said he reminds me of a kid that could end up being okay depending on the school and coaching he gets; just nothing stellar.


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This is OT to this thread, but can someone clear up how coaches are now on the coaching staffs for OSU?  Who has left? Who is staying.  Because they are only allowed 10 with the waiver and Meyer now has 6, and I am pretty sure that 4 of the 9 man staff that Fickell had are still coaching for the bowl game.  Am I way off or just mis calculating? But to me it seems over 10.