Maurice Hurst not requested back to NFL medical rechecks

Submitted by Bodogblog on April 6th, 2018 at 1:05 PM

Meaning the NFL apparently has rechecks for medical issues, and Hurst wasn't requested back for them.  Sign that most teams likely don't have an issue with the self-described irregular EKG he had at the combine. 

Great news for him, looks like he's still solidly in the first round and soon to be paid.…




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Anyone know why it's ok that his medical condition has been broadcast all over the universe?  I mean, it's newsworthy, but under HIPAA he must have had some say on whether this would become public, right? Do you have to waive all of your rights to privacy just by showing up to the combine? What if you have some more embarrassing condition? 


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I am not a lawyer.

But I would guess that it has to do with the NFL rules about injury reporting and the like.  Just think about how often we hear about some player's ACL or torn muscle...I am guessing that as a condition of employment for NFL athletes (and the medical treatment that they will automatically be able to access for free) they have to waive certain rights.

Plus, fans have a right to know about Curt Schilling's bloody sock...

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The HIPAA privacy rule only applies to a "covered entity" or a business associate of a covered entity (think of that as a service provider performing some of the covered entity's services). In general, most organizations are not covered entities. Your health Care plan is, but likely your employer is not. A hospital is. The NFL is not. Doctors are (but depending on their role as team doctor this could get murky related to combine tests).

But in almost all cases related to sports, athletes sign a HIPAA waiver, allowing the disclosure. This is commonplace in football (and most other sports).


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It turns out that the heart test results weren’t Mo’s at all. A QB found out that Big Mo is planning to hunt him and hurt him for the next decade, and his heart did a flippity flop right then and there.