Frito Bandito

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Posts like this piss me off. I'd love to hear what Swagison said to vrabel but the article you posted is completely useless. Maybe I'll fork over an ungodly amount of money to read it.


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This is a figure of speech called a "Paralipsis" I believe. It also works for "Not to knock Denard's throwing ability but..." or "I'm not a communist but..." and all sorts of opinions you self-excuse yourself for.

In circles where these things happen, people argue whether a "that being said..." clause is a paralipsis, but I happen to think it's not. Paralipsis is anti-tautological:

  1. I am not this thing I am about to sound like.
  2. [Says the thing anyways]

"That being said..." however is a way to pretend you're one thing when you're really saying the other. "That being said..." is rhetorical trick but a different one--you think you heard the first thing, but really the "that being said..." clause disqualified everything said before it. On the other hand a paralipsis is all about disqualifying your most obvious objection to what they're about to say (usually that it comes from a completely discredited philosophy).


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Basically campers were rotating through different stations after X amount of time. Vrabel wanted to rotate before time was up and Mattison told Vrabel he ought to be coaching his kids to the best of his ability the entire time he had them. Supposedly Mattison then made a comment to Lawrence Marshall along the lines of "that's why you don't go to OSU".

Pretty tame stuff.


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I'll give a synopsis:

Vrabel was coaching a group of kids nearby to Mattison and Delgado, a coach from EMU.  Vrabel finished early and was waiting around for the kids to rotate stations. Delgado was keeping the time for each station so he knew they were early

Vrabel says " Come on Greg...we're ready to rotate."

Mattison comes back with "How bout you coach them as hard as you can for as long as you can. YOU GIVE THEM EVERYTHING YOU GOT"

I guess Lawrence Marshall was standing nearby and he said that Greg siad "That's why you dont go to Ohio State Lawrence"



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Straight from the $$$ board at GBW.


I came in on the tale end of easily the most hilarious exchange between coaches I’ve ever been present for. I’ve pieced together accounts from other observers… i.e. coaches, reporters, players, and parents to get the quotes as close to accurate as possible… but understand that none of us were recording this so it’s all pure recollection and shouldn’t be taken as a verbatim account of what was said. But it is undoubtedly a very good account of what was said.


So here we go…


Michigan assistant Greg Mattison and Eastern Michigan defensive line coach Ken Delgado were running one of the defensive line drills. Off to their left was Mike Vrabel running another station.

Vrabel got done with his one drill a bit early… we know it was early because Delgado was running the official station clock, so he knew exactly when the rotations should happen. After standing idly by with the kids from his station for a few moments, Vrabel yelled out at Mattison something like...


“Hey Greg… come on and hurry it up. These kids are ready to rotate!!”


Why on earth did he do that?


The fury that erupted from Mattison was epic…


“How about you coach them as hard as you can for as long as you have them,” Mattison yelled back tersely. “YOU GIVE THEM EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT!!”


Lawrence Marshall who was standing by, watching Mattison’s group then got the best Mattison quote of all.


Recalled Marshall, “(Mattison) said, that’s why you don’t go to Ohio State, Lawrence!”


That, my friends, is what they call must see TV! LOL 


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Vrabel clearly overmatched in this one.  If you want to try and one-up the Michigan coaching staff, picking on Mattison probably isn't your best bet...


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I will mail you a dollar. I would assume that it is something they have blown out of proportion to get me to spend money and be completely let down.


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Vrabel finished early and started trying to rush Mattison. Mattison told him no, hold your horses - you give the kids every minute, every second that you can. Then turned to Lawrence Marshall and said "that's why you go to Michigan and not Ohio."

Victor Hale II

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You know, I've thought that same thing and am amazed it hasn't been done yet.

I picture something like this: Dantonio's face on a hyena's body, lying in the weeds of the African savannah, pokes up to look around. Suddenly, a larger animal with Hoke's face on it, leading a herd (with UM's top recruits' faces) comes rumbling along and tramples him.


June 17th, 2013 at 8:15 AM ^

A snake or an alligator gives him way too much credit. They're respected hunters and at the top of their good chains. I see him more of a meerkat. Popping his head up over the weeds to make sure no threats are around and then poaching whatever scraps are left


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It's information, and it spreads.  To expect that it's going to stay super secret because you charge someone a shitload of money for it is ridiculous.  In my opinion, nobody should feel bad about relaying information they read there.  If this undercuts the business model of pay sites, then they need a new business model as far as I'm concerned. 


June 17th, 2013 at 1:35 AM ^

You mean the fine print that everyone scrolls through without reading so they can get to the "I Agree to Terms" checkbox?  Frankly, I don't care, and I'm going to sleep soundly tonight knowing that my integrity is solid as a rock.  If I'm paying that kind of money for information (I'm not), I'll tell whoever I see fit, and the proprietors of that information are dumb to think they have any kind of power over that.  Sure, Brian shouldn't be plastering that information all over the front page word for word, but if some rando wants to spill the beans on a message board so be it.  Furthermore, if someone who subscribes to a pay site feels cheated that someone shared their expensive, privileged information then tough cookies.  Shouldn't have wasted a bunch of money to be the first to hear some recruiting rumor that will inevitably go public about 3.2 seconds later. 


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The flip side to Brians policy is that A. he probably has a professional relationship with the Sam Webbs of the world and B. running a site which posts "copywrighted" material for free will probably make you have some legal issues.  Hence the dont post a full article, wink wink nudge nudge just summarize it policy.   

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....tautological.  "I can lie and steal, therefore it's a poor business model and it's their fault."


So because someone can shoplift at Wal-Mart, they shouldn't charge for stuff?  Because a musical artist can be pirated, they shouldn't charge for their music?


Your morals...they are missing.  




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Ok so basically Vrabel finished doing his instructing early and Mattison said you have to give it your all and coach to the best of your ability then turned to Marshall and said that's why you don't go to Ohio State or something of the sort. I got this from the free 247 2014 recruiting thread if anyone wants to see it discussed more in depth.