Mattison extended through 2016.

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Michigan announces Greg Mattison agrees to three-year contract extension through 2016.

— Michael Rothstein (@mikerothstein) March 15, 2013



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Great news to begin the weekend. Having the #1 overall '14 recruit on campus is probably a coincidence, I'm sure!

Follow this with a hoops W over Bucky...


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He has so much energy that I see this as a situation where he will get to call his own time to retire.  I would not be surprised to see him work beyong 2016.

Naked Bootlegger

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Great news to offset what looks like a board meltdown regarding hoops uniforms (haven't looked at it yet, but it can't be good).

I think this is the year the defense really shines.   Year 3 with Mattison's schemes and a lot of returning experience.




Blue in Seattle

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...who think he's leaving anytime soon.

"Michigan is such a special place and it's exciting to know I'll have the opportunity to coach at the greatest program in college football for the next four years, and hopefully long after," Mattison said. "Part of the reason I came back here is because I wanted to work with Brady (Hoke) again, and every day I'm thankful I made that decision. There's not a better coach or man to work for."

I think he coaches until he just physically can't do it anymore.  Based on Demens comments that Mattison is "25 years old at heart", I think that could be quite a long time.


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The only way he likely moves is if his daughter does.  Remember one of the reasons he left the Ravens was because his granddaughter was getting treatment at Motts for a heart problem.  His daughter had settled out here and asked him to move out here so he could be near his granddaughter.  If they relocated, he might.

So while I'm not saying I'd go all Ann Arbor Torch and Pitchfork if the people employing Mattison's daughter and son in law transferred them, I'd just like to remind those employeers I do have a Groupon to AA Torch and Pitchfork that I'm ready to use.  


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I'm going to be getting my expectant nephew a birth announcement poster thing from there after he's born. There are all kinds of things around the store that say "Mattison" or "Matty" as examples of the custom work they do. (Matty is his granddaughter).

My fiancee loves the store.


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Lewan staying for his senior year, Gardner getting his red-shirt, our offensive line haul the last two years, our linebacking corp, Green coming to A2 - I wouldn't want to be too critical of the football gods.

It's great to be a Wolverine


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I am very happy that you brought this to our attention! I was beiing critical of the person who downvoted it, then went on to say later in the post that he thought it was good news. It just seemed odd to me.

Anyways, thanks for sharing this news with us and please continue to do so.


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I have to imagine this extension would be huge in the mind of recruits who had any doubt that either Hoke or Mattison would bolt to another job. Compare this type of stability to the Fickell (pun intended) staff at Ohio.


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DetNews write-up here (LINK)

Mattison did ring in on this, of course:

"Michigan is such a special place, and it's exciting to know I'll have the opportunity to coach at the greatest program in college football for the next four years, and hopefully long after,"

What Mattison has had a part in since 2011 is nothing short of remarkable as turnarounds of a unit go, and this extension is excellent news that further stabilizes (as well as improves)  the program. 


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This is most excellent news.  I'm definitely in the camp, thinking that this is not a coincidence.  This was timed for Da' Shawn's visit, giving him confidence that Mattison will be here for several more years.