Is Matthews certain to leave after this season?

Submitted by TK on March 1st, 2019 at 9:06 AM

Seems like we have all assumed it was a formality he would be leaving after this season, and all the talk was that he missed senior day with the ankle injury. However, he does have another year of eligibility and I’m not positive he would be drafted right now. He can always play overseas or G league, but is it all possible he returns? We are over the scholarship limit but there are certainly a couple of guys who could transfer out for more playing time elsewhere. 



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I would be absolutely shocked if he comes back next year. He might not even be drafted, but I don't think that would stop him. He's going to have his degree to fall back on and he probably just wants to play professionally. He might end up in the G League or even overseas, but I think he's fine with that. And then whenever he is done, he has that degree. 

He's to the point now where he probably is what he is; a great defender with a streaky shot. I don't see how a 5th year would really raise his stock unless he improves dramatically offensively and becomes a knockdown shooter. 

Blue Me

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Beilein mentioned in an interview about a month ago that "Charles has a decision to make after the season".

It doesn't appear to be a fait accompli. 

Boner Stabone

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I think it comes down to what his aspirations are.  He is probably a G-league/ oversees player.  He can leave and play for a few years in that venue and make some money or postpone it a year and come back for a run at a National Championship.

The feeling I get is that he graduates and leaves after this season.  He has his Michigan degree for after his playing days are done and moves on with his life.  I cannot fault him for this way of thinking.  After all, who wants to play skool for another year anyways.


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He was just presented on Senior Night.  He's gone.  And honestly, coming back doesn't help him move up in the draft.  There's basically no value to him to return.  He'd just be putting off making any money for another year.


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I’m not sure of “no value” to returning, he could conceivably improve. But even if he stays static, he still gets to be a college student for a year and maybe make a run for a national championship. I’d trade my foot to be able to go back in college for another year with friends, and I didn’t even have thousands of people cheering me on every time I played a game. I haven’t been to any G-league games, but I bet they don’t compare to playing at MSG in front of a sea of wolverines.


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Oh for sure, he could also improve in the g-league. He better hope though that he gets a two way contract though if he wants to make any cash. It looks like half the dudes in the league make $35,000 over five months playing in front of a couple hundred people while bussing around to medium sized towns. That means a second job in the off season and while it might be fun, I’m guessing those guys don’t get the Jesus Shuttlesworth treatment just by virtue of being a G-league “pro basketball” player.

 I also suspect he’ll go and wish him decades of success, I just think there are legit upsides to being a college player.


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My cover is certainly a regular day job.  I'm not at liberty to discuss my actual job, but just between you and I, it's a lot of hard work making it appear that I run Wayne Enterprises while Alfred really runs the show.

Just kidding, I'm not actually Batman.  I went to grad school and then med school, so I probably would've traded both feet for a chill year of college.


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Beilein tweeted that we said "farewell to Charles" last night. He's gone.

If we get last night's starting 5 for next season, I'd be pretty pumped. Livers has so much potential and it is well balanced. The key (again) will be developing depth and improving outside shooting. 


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At this point, only a very small chance.  Both have talent, but haven't shown it consistently.  Too many off nights for both of them.  

Right now, they would both be later in the second round, if they got drafted at all.  They could both improve their stock with another year in college.


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Beilein tweet from this morning:



Thx to @MaizeRageUM and all our fans for rooting for us in our 17-1 home schedule ! Last night was special as we said farewell to Charles but welcomed Frosh to the current rotation We are grateful for the great atmosphere our students and fans have created at Crisler #goblue

— John Beilein (@JohnBeilein) March 1, 2019


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I would have thought there would be a slight chance he came back to work on his game. But why would they give him a senior night celebration and present his jersey if he was coming back?


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It would take something drastic happening in the next month for him to come back. If he’s graduating this year, there’s almost no reason for him to come back unless he just absolutely loves college basketball that much. His stock isn’t going to improve with another year in college. He can start getting paid to play whether it’s in the G league or overseas. I could see him sticking in the league if he can improve his jump shot to shoot 33% from deep in the NBA. His defense is already at a pro level. 


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Deserves to go Pro.

Best to Charles doing whatever.  He has really done well at M, both academically and Athletically. 

Well done Charles.


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He will not gain any draft position by returning. The pros already know what he is. He's getting a degree. He will leave now on the slight chance that he gets drafted well; it's still better than he'll get after next year. 

UM Fan from Sydney

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Yes. It's possible; however, none of us know for sure. Sooooooo...yeah.


EDIT: I forgot that he was presented a senior night thing, so he is certainly gone, which sucks, but is also fine.