Matthews bringing the attitude

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SIAP but I tried a search.

Please tell me someone else saw/heard Matthews at the 8:22 point in the 2nd half after Paschall drove the lane on Iggy. Iggy gives ground, gets the foul and hits the floor under the basket. Matthews comes over to pick him up and then turns to him and says, while extending his forearm, "You gotta push that m*****f***** back!"  

He's bringing the same dog attitude that he gave Ward in EL last season. It seems to permeate the team: Iggy right in Paschall's grill after the Simpson dust up, the pregame shoot around showdown, the overall aggressiveness on D and the boards. Not sure if the trigger was Morgan from Illinois or Zach going postal in the huddle years ago in EL. but every year now, we've got toughness to go with our talent.



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I don't recall this exact moment, but I do remember him having a nice slam down dunk off a rebound and let the entire stadium know with a mighty roar that he was here to fuck shit up. 


EDIT: It was at about 6:38 left in the first half. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! IN YO FACE!


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Both the basketball team and football teams are playing with an attitude players like Z, Matthews, Bush and Winovich leading the way. Play with swagger, play with anger, play with an edge. I love it. 


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Another brief attitude move was a taller player and Z were struggling for the ball and it looked like the Nova player pushed Z at the end.  Iggy ran in and it looked like gave the Nova player a shove back.  

Just sayin... pick on someone your own size.  Although I think Z could handle himself.  

Warm Cockles

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Can someone explain to me why Nova got 2 and the ball after Z stole the ball and got fouled and the Nova guy shoved Z? Long conference and they called flagrant 1 on Z, made ZERO sense.


November 15th, 2018 at 12:19 PM ^

Can't.  That was some highway robbery.

I guess the call was a Zavier he was drawing the personal foul.  It was wrong anyway but how that became a flagrant I've utterly no clue...and Zavier was the one pushed after the personal foul too.  If a close game I imagine more hell would've been raised but it was atrocious officiating.  It took forever for them to come up with that garbage as well.

Blue In NC

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In my view, there should have been two fouls on the Nova player.  One for the initial ball contact foul and then a technical for the shove.  I am okay with Z getting the foul (although I think flagrant was a bit much).  But we should have gotten at least one free throw out of it (and maybe the ball back).


November 15th, 2018 at 12:19 PM ^

Z had that player's arm in his armpit and wouldn't let go.  Ultimately I think it was the right call, but usually the second guy get's the foul.  Either way, it's good to see the guys playing with an edge.


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Speaking of officiating, did anyone else think Paschall (and to a lesser extent other Nova players) were pushing off with their off hand/arm?   I know that always happens when players drive, but when you extend a forearm at some point it gets called.  I chalked it up to the refs letting things go in a blowout.  That is until Iggy got called for a foul for simply getting a forearm from Paschall.  It was on the play referenced in the OP.  I thought Matthews was complaining Paschall was pushing off with his forearm, not telling Iggy to push back. 


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Since we are talking about Charles Matthews, I will just mention that sweet fadeaway he hit consistently last night.  When is the last time a Michigan player could consistently hit that particular shot.  I can't remember.  I think Hardaway's jumper was different.