Matt Painter Purdue MBB Comments After Loss to UM

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Matt Painter post game presser breaking down his team's play and what he sees in UM.  Funniest comment is at wrap up. "This is the most productive ten minutes I've had at Michigan in a while." Opposing coaches are giving us great content.



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Speaking of that. I knew there were a couple mgoblog articles I had missed recently. Looked back through and one was the story on Kinnel. Started reading it and just felt awful. Seemed it was really well done, but I couldn't continue.


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It will happen because that kind of stuff happens everyteam at some point during the season.  Sometimes it happens against a bad opponent and it doesn’t matter.  Sometimes it happens in the national championship game.  The ‘crossing route’ problem is the same one it’s always been: hope UM misses it’s open shots.  Like what happened against Villanova.  Just like OSU’s strategy was hope the best pass rushing team in the nation forgets to how to pass rush to se can run longer developing pass plays.  

Michigan Arrogance

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one of the crazy things about this team (besides the D, Iggy, the toughness) is how this team makes opposing coaches like Painter and Williams just awed. Either with how well M plays (Painter) or how bad their team plays in comparison (how Roy Williams seemed last week).

These are experienced coaches who have seen a lot of success. And they are pretty amazed at how this team plays.

Harbaugh is my…

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Can someone explain to me what Painter was saying when he made the comment about the last 10 minutes being productive? I can’t figure out if he was being sarcastic, or if he was actually being honest. 


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Agreed - the depth thing worries me more than the FT shooting (though both are concerns).  Basketball isn't football, but we still see injuries and if one of those starters goes out for a few weeks we could be in trouble.  We have Austin Davis in case Teske goes down, and maybe Brandon Johns if Iggy or Livers goes down, but we really don't have another option at 1-3 who has shown anything if Z/Poole/Matthews/Brooks are out for a bit.


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I dunno, I think Teske is probably the hardest to replace. We haven't seen enough out of Davis but if he wasn't a significant drop-off from Teske he'd probably be getting some run. Especially in terms of ball screen D and rim protection plus rolling to the rim on the pick and roll. Z to me is the other person we couldn't lose because of how he directs the offense, limits turnovers, and obviously on his on-ball defense. Brooks ostensibly could run the point but it would be a hit and you'd probably have to play DeJulius 20 minutes with one or the other sliding to the 2 just to relieve Matthews/Poole for 10 minutes.  

I think we could manage to play small if Livers or Iggy were out against most teams were out, but it would be a problem later in the tourney against bigger athletic teams. Poole, Matthews and Brooks can probably substitute in for one another enough. But yeah, injuries are definitely a big risk with a 7 man rotation. 

After NW, we have our easiest stretch for 4 games. I know Beilein has always gone ~33 minutes for his key guys but i do hope we get some more significant minutes for the backups during that span.


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Teske and Simpson are just straight up match up nightmares.


Teske is 7'1 260, can run the floor for 30 minutes a night, block shots, cut to the basket, has softer hands than most guards, and can step back and shoot the 3 and Beilein promises no Subs of he doesn't. How do you account for that in this offense with the fact you have to switch all the ball screens? 


Then you got Simpson who is not only a great defender, incredibly strong for his size (credit to his dad), he is an excellent old school prototypical pass first point guard. He puts so much pressure on the other team with his dribbling skills he reminds me a lot of Chris Paul. Just an excellent floor general. 


Its gonna be hard for teams to sneak up on us this year. When you're an elite offensive team like 2013 you had bad days where the shots aren't falling. This team as we heard Matthew's pride itself on shutting teams down. Even yesterday the had a couple bad 5 minute stretches of missed layups and turnovers. Purdue did nothing during that stretch because the defense is so smothering . 




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If I were actually a coach (which I'm not so this is likely not a good idea), I would do everything early in the game I could to try to get Michigan in some early foul trouble.  Michigan is not yet deep so getting a Teske off the floor could help keep the game manageable for awhile.