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For me Cassius "Cash" Green in Sorry to Bother You is like Andre Hayworth/Logan King from Get Out had been transmitted to another universe.  I’m old (born during the Truman administration) and not a big fan of rap and hip-hop music, but I liked the film and that song has been in my head since I saw it.


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Current players on the team are saying DB is staying at Michigan.  Not sure if they have been told that by him, or just their gut feeling.  For whatever it's worth, it also sounds like the staff is keeping Dirty30 and other incoming players abreast of the coaching situation daily.  Sounds like a new hire and DB news should break soon. 


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Given Matt's propensity and reputation for cryptic tweets and gifs, pretty safe to bet that most people understand the indication that something has gone or is in the process of going down.


Don't get mad at me. I didn't shoot your mom.


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Has absolutely nothing to to do with your thread title sucking.  

Matt Dudeck Tweets Something Cryptic


And then in the OP provide the explanation you did above.  


I clicked on this thread having absolutely no idea what it was going to be about.  Thread titles are supposed to be informative, not lead to questions. 


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Vacating your lawn


The younger folk more familiar with this individual and his position with the team and social media presence likely didn't have the same struggles as you did. This individual is rarely or never the source of new information but often the first indication that it is coming.

Tom Pickle

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We've gone more than 5 hours without losing a coach to Ohio State, is that not cause enough for celebration?

I heard from my friend who is a Northern Illinois grad and a little bit tapped in there that Carey is on his way out for Temple and they will hire Matt Canada. If that's true obviously Don Brown is not leaving for the Temple job so that would be my guess what this is about.