Mathews & Minor getting some love from the Bears..

Submitted by oldcityblue on August 4th, 2010 at 4:01 PM

In the Sun Times today, it seems Greg Mathews had the best catch of the day yesterday.

Under "Greg Mathews impressing"...

Also, under "Diamonds in the rough".....

In summary, it looks like both Greg Mathews and Brandon Minor are exptected to get signed by the Bears!


EDIT: less 4 T's, sorry Greg.



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Jerry Angelo was stupid. I'm a bears fan, but they f-ed up big time with the whole Cedric Benson situation. I don't know why they felt the need to draft a back, who then held out, who then had issues with the law, and has now found new life in cinci. It appears that after A-Train won OROY that his "sophomore slump" scared somebody and ushered in the Thomas Jones/Cedric Benson era... both of whom were eventually shipped out, and both of whom had great runs with other teams recently. 

I chalk it up to stupid front office management


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While this is probably true, I also gathered that Thomas's up-front running style and lack of elite speed started to catch up with him.  He could always get 3-4 yards, but he had trouble running away from guys and it seemed like he took some hellacious hits over the years.  I know that when I saw him in Dallas a couple of years later, he seemed broken down.  But still, a great player while here at UM.


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2001:  Not a single injury on the OL + Consistant play at QB  = ROY
Stats:  1183/7,  Team = 13-3

2002: OL has 8 starters (3 as rookies) + QB goes down for 1/2 the season = Slump.
Stats:  721/6,  Team = 4-12

2003 : OL was pretty healthy + 3 different QBs (K.Stewart era) = Ok season
Stats:  1024/6,  Team = 7-9

2004: Bears sign T.Jones to help the struggling offense.  A.Thomas starts 2 games.

When the offense was healthy all around and the QB was marginally talented, as was the case with Jim Miller, he did well. Management got scared of his poor avg yds/att and brought in T.Jones for very cheap and that spelled the end of the A-Train in Chicago. Still one of my favorite Bears in my lifetime.