Mason Cole could make history...

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If reports are correct Mason Cole would be just the 4th true freshman to ever start a game on the OLine for Michigan. 

As far as I can tell ...Tom Dixon (one game, 1980), Dean Dingman (three games, 1987) , Bubba Paris (two games, 1978) and gasp Justin Boren, are the only U-M true freshmen to make a start on the offensive line. 



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I think it's better than most realize on the o-line. I think our top eight would find a starting role on many of the Big Ten teams this year. Cole is college ready size already and clearly gets the mental part of the game. We have a special player in him.


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Lewan wasn't big enough when he came in, so he just wasn't ready.  Long had Tony Pape ahead of him, who was a very good LT at the time, so he just wasn't needed.  

Two things have to happen for a true FR OL to play - he has to be really good (and college ready) and there have to not be good upperclassmen OL ahead of him.  Perfect storm type of thing.  That might be now.

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Possibly the first freshman OL to start the first game of the season. 

There haven't been any since the NCAA allowed freshmen to play in 1973. Perhaps during WWII when freshmen were allowed to play and players were going in and out, sometimes in the middle of the season to go to war. 

For the 1943-1944 seasons, the entire roster lists their military status in the class field. C- civlian, M- Marine, N- Navy, R- Reserves.


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I thought that Schilling actually battled mono through a portion of 2006 which unfortunately coincided with fall camp and he ended up redshirting sometime during the season. In 2007, he started at RT over Perry Dorrestein and Mark Ortmann, although I think he also moved to RG for a few games in that season. 


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Per a few sources (link), Alabama also might end up starting a true freshman left tackle (Cam Robinson). I don't think it's too far off to think that Cole is that good. 


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So he's (at least) the 6th to do it.  Is that really "making history?"

Being the first to do something is making history.  Maybe the second or third as well, depending on what it is.  But at some point, you're not really making history anymore, right?