Maryland Tickets on StubHub $13.25; Cheapest M Big Ten Game Ever?

Submitted by BursleyHall82 on November 20th, 2014 at 10:24 AM

Tons of tickets on StubHub for the Maryland game in the $13 range. I'm speculating this is a combination of us sucking, Maryland being new to the B1G, the weather and more. But is this the cheapest Michigan Big Ten football game anyone can ever remember on StubHub?

It also makes me realize once again that any of us who paid for season tickets are suckers.



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For 2 liters they've been pushing 2 for $3 for a long time now, and 6 for $6 once a month or two.  So, depending on when you go to Kroger, with the bottle deposit you can either get 8-12 Cokes for $13.25.

Source - I live right next to a Kroger and my wife loooooves Coca - Cola.


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My PSD was $75 each for 2 seats
$65 per game per seat (that's our price which doesn't change for premium games even though the printed value is higher)
And whatever bs brokerage fee they charge (think it equalled an extra $1 per game)
Then for me the conversion into Canadian Dollars costs more


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Your tickets cost $65 per ticket (not the face value or "premium" game cost). Son your instance, the ticket costs $175/7 games + $10(fee)/7 games + $65 = $91.43. My tickets cost me $77.14 (endzone with only $75 PSD).


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I actually don't feel THAT terrible about purchasing the tickets, as (based on the rules they've told us) I'm going to have really awesome seats next year when we might be better, tickets are cheaper, and we have some great home games. This year sucked. Maybe I'm just too optimistic.


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I remember the days when season ticket holders could actually make money selling tickets. This is what you get when your product is no longer in demand.


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I'm coming up from Atlanta for the game and got tickets in Section 2, Row 65 for $35 each including shipping yesterday. Almost makes up for the fact that I'm coming up from Atlanta for this game. Also got tickets to the basketball game tonight for $11 each, so that was cool.


lexus larry

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I recall someone posting during August that we couldn't/shouldn't look at the prices on SH at that time, that the prices would be far different during the week of the, being a little OCD, I tracked prices...daily.  (I said I was OCD)

Our tickets could be had for prices in the teens, mostly during the DAY of the game...except for the Coke game.  I captured a screenshot of a pair of tickets for PSU for $4 each.  Otherwise, every game was available for under $20 per ticket.  This is probably earlier in the week than previous games this season.

To my mind, this exposes the flaw in the thinking of the season ticket buyer/defender...regardless of the appeal of having odd year MSU/OSU and the slightly improved OOC opponent (note I didn't say OOC opponents - plural)...there remains other B1G games against Indiana, Rutgers, Maryland, Purdue and Illinois that will appear on the schedule...for prices Blue in Lansing presented above.  Seriously.


November 20th, 2014 at 11:14 AM ^

I remember those debates well.   And next year, even with the attractive home schedule, I predict the money you would save on the "bad" games on Stubhub will more than offset the cost of the good games plus the PSL fees. But candidly there's really no point in bringing it up again IMO because it's really an apples to oranges comparson.

If you like your seat location and you like the people you sit near then full price season tickets and the PSLs are the way to go.  If you like money then the secondary market is your friend.


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The attendance they announce is actually ticket sales.  Which is bullshit, but that's what they do.  Once they sell the tickets, they count it as attendance even if nobody shows up.

We have actually broken the real 100,000 attendance streak numerous times since 1975, and not just recently.  

I went to the 1988 Minnesota game in the freezing rain, and it looked like the spring game.  My normal regular seat was high up in the North End Zone, but for that game, I sat on the 50, half way up.  Had most of the row to myself.  


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i know the product on the field has been sub-par this year, however, this group is still showing fight.  The weather in Michigan has been less than pleasant so that may have something to do with the lack of interest.  I will be there....Go Blue!


November 20th, 2014 at 11:06 AM ^

To further illustrate the point ... right now on SH, the cheapest tickets to the Michigan-Syracuse basketball game are $46.

So, tickets to a non-conference basketball game are almost four times more expensive than tickets to a conference football game.