Maryland and Rutgers Negbang Welcome thread

Submitted by Lionsfan on July 1st, 2014 at 12:03 AM

Welp, it's officially official.

The Big Ten is now 14.



The conference already has a handful of trophy games, 12 to be exact, but the Terps are looking to join the fray. From a geographic standpoint, Penn State is a logical choice. Rutgers too. In fact, according to the Post, the Terps "have entered conversations" with Rutgers and Penn State "to create new trophies."



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Even though everyone hates this and I do too. I'm glad that now I'll finally get to see Michigan along with other good teams play for the first time. Just for that chance, I'm happy. Although I hate Rutgers and I hope they get destroyed every game.


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I think Purdue and Minnesota already have that one on lockdown.  I'm here for the negbang, this will be a good long term move for the conference and for michigan, rutgers and maryland will not be any worse than the irrelevant crap currently at the bottom of the big ten and will bring in more money in the long run.  It's nice to yearn for the past but it's also filled with rose colored glasses, it probably wasn't as great as you think it was and the future isn't as bad as everyone here says it will be.   And don't look now but Maryland has the most recent basketball championship from a big ten team.


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And this is why I hate the addition of these two teams.   We don't play Iowa at home until f'n 2019.  I don't see Minnesota on the 2016 or 2018 schedules.  WTF , no jug game?

Will Dave Brandon hire the jet pack guy to create more 'wow factor' when we play Rutgers and Maryland?   He'll need it.


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At least the Legends and Leaders is dead.  I think the realignment is pretty cool.  Tons of competitive games coming up.  Should be interesting.


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I've come to terms with it. Hell, I'm going to give about the same 'rats ass' as I do when we play Indiana, Illinois, or Purdue as I will with Maryland and Rutgers. At least there will be some novelty for a few years. Although I will take back Indiana, their up tempo offense is crazy and i at least can get kinda excited to watch those games.


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This should be a posbang thread on the sole reason that OSU is now in the same division as us and Sparty! Now our rivals ACTUALLY have to play each other. No Sparty winning the Legends by skipping OSU and Wisconsin in the same year. And also the elimination of "The Game" being meaningless if both Mich and OSU having already won their divisions.


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Not so backlit.  But still the Knight looks to be trying to grope Sparty.  

I guess you get two cheerleaders if you are a) morally opposed to mascots, b) have them taken away from you c) can't figure out how to make one d) or have one that looks too much like a scarf wearing Pedobear.    


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they just rub that fact in our faces 24-7. Personally, I have lowered my level of caring/involvement. Michigan fans: keep voting with your feet.


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Am I the ONLY one who doesn't mind Maryland joining us ?

Gives us the DC market, was at one point a damn good BBall team (haven't watched them so maybe they are still pretty good), could be a potential B1G hockey hotspot (Caps being popular and the Ovy Effect), pretty good academics (not us, but outside of Northwestern who is). They should ditch Rutgers (Syracuse or UConn), but whatevs. Hopefully they can contribute and make the B1G the place to be.

Leatherstocking Blue

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At least Maryland brings top level lacrosse and having recently watched the 111th meeting of Maryland-Johns Hopkins lacrosse (don't forget Johns Hopkins is in the B1G for lax) in a sold out stadium, I see a lot of excitement around Maryland sports. Maryland's basketball and football, I think, will be competitive. But, man, Rutgers? If you want to deliver the NYC market, I really wish they brought in Syracuse. Michigan playing hoops in the Carrier Dome? How awesome would that be? Hell, even Cornell would bring in more of the NY market and they have top level lacrosse, wrestling and hockey.