Marvin Lewis calls out RR over handling of Pac-Man Jones

Submitted by Butterfield on November 2nd, 2011 at 6:21 PM

From Mike Florio at profootballtalk: 

On Wednesday, Bengals coach Marvin Lewis had a conference call with the Tennessee media.  Reflecting on Pacman’s problems in the NFL, which culminated in a one-year suspension after two seasons in the league, Jones took a shot at West Virginia University and former coach Rich Rodriguez.

“It’s unfortunate a guy could go into college and spent three years on a college campus and not learn some of the things really they should learn,” Lewis said.  “But hopefully he has learned those lessons now.”

Um, really?  Look, I know I’ve got a Mountaineer bias.  Still, I’ll acknowledge that, under Rodriguez, the bar when it comes to problem children was pretty low. "





biakabutuka ex…

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Maybe Rodriguez should have suspended Pac Man in 2003 for that stripper incident in 2007, maybe he shouldn't have. It's a tough call.

The important thing, though, is that Jones learns about consequences. This is why Marvin Lewis wanted him on his team so badly after he paralyzed a guy.


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always the victim of bad circumstance. Pacman, Chris Henry, Carson, Cedric, TJ on and on. Of course Marvin should be pitied, how is it possible for him to compete when the players on his team had no formal training? Dear, dear.

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I don't blame the OP, but I think I do blame Mike Florio, whoever he is.  There's not one single quote that I see, in which Marvin Lewis ever utters the name, "Rich Rodriguez."

The comments in the linked article didn't miss that fine point.  And the comments in this thread make the appropriate point as well.  I like this one from the original article posted by "amunoz78":


Actually, he’s talking about Pacman, not WVU or Rich Rod. He’s saying that he didn’t learn what he should have in college. He didn’t say that WVU or Rodriguez didn’t teach what they should have. There are plenty of people who go to college and don’t learn a thing. That’s rarely the college’s fault.


Don’t twist Marvin’s words. No wonder he’s always pissed at the media. 

I think that covers it.  Just another sportswriter taking another dumb and baseless cheapshot against Rich Rodriguez.

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...(I practice "flippant" several times a week so I know), but really, on a more serious note, there's really no way that a thread about even Harry Kipke, one of our past, sub-legendary coaches from about 80 years ago, who was never the subject of one of the program's major books, would be "OT," would it?  It would be Michigan Football History.  And double-linked to

It simply wouldn't be "OT."

lol! I just realized that instead of writing "Carr" in the post above, I wrote "Crisler" a second time.  Must be something Freudian...

El Jeffe

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I don't really see that it was a knock on Rodriguez by Lewis, but if it was, we now have a clubhouse leader for most hypocritical statement evaaarrr.


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In defense of RR, at WVU you can't just fall back on letting your players spend their weekends in the Hamilton Co. Jail from time to time as a way of getting them on the right track.  Marvin Lewis has a big leg up. 


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Really, we're expected to take morality advice from Marvin Lewis?  What, was Craig James too busy killing 5 hookers while at homecoming for SMU to weigh in?


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For as nice and generous a guy as RR seems to be (though ill-tempered at times), the media still cannot stop itself from crapping all over RR's public image. It's like the "in" thing to do. I mean, good God, the guy puts his heart into what he loves in a clean and classy way, and everytime he turns the corner somebody punches him in the mouth and stabs him in the back simultaneously. I don't get it. It's especially infuriating in light of how the media treat the Jim Tressel's (stilll) and Mark Dantonio's of the coaching world as the nicest guys you'll ever meet with the cleanest programs ever...


November 3rd, 2011 at 8:23 AM ^

Bo Schembechler should be criticized because Greg Skrepanek didn't learn the things he should have during his years on campus. Same with Tony Boles, whose rapid descent into drugs and criminal behavior after he left campus has been well-documented.


November 3rd, 2011 at 10:29 AM ^

about Lewis' rant is that he is blaming college for failing Pac-man all while putting together one of the worst grammatical sentences uttered.