Marty Blazer and NCAA scandal backstory

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Article posted this morning at is a long read, but it's an interesting look at one specific guy (Blazer) plus mention of the most important events to this point. I haven't been able to track everything over the past few months, so this was helpful for me.

I think it's obvious we won't get more reveals in the next month, but in case the NCAA's hasty clearing of players mentioned so far made you think this could all blow over, it doesn't seem likely:

Sources have told ESPN that evidence obtained via Miller [Miller's computer] and Dawkins could implicate dozens of the nation's top programs and coaches in a scandal to rival any in NCAA history.

Apparently, the next date (to "address the status of Blazer's case") in the proceedings is this Friday. Do you think any major impacts will occur before the start of next season (aside from players who think they might be affected going pro)?



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we will get reveals over the next month.  If you are journalist and you have this, what a perfect time to create the hype storm on your story during the peak time of the seaons.  imagine if you had a story on duke and msu and you could release it jsut before they played each other? 


I don't think it may come from blazer or ncaa the next month, but someone is sitting on a story and waitiing for the right moment to drip feed


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I would agree, except for what we witnessed over the past month. They can't truly verify anything because it's FBI sourced and hasn't been revealed in court yet. I am a little dumbfounded that Sean Miller is coaching basketball, but here we are. 

I think the next bombshell might come out right around the end of September for obvious reasons, but that would require some coordination by the NCAA. If I'm them, I still prefer getting out ahead of it during football season to having it leaked or revealed next season.

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I am about due for another MSU scandal story, since it has been a couple of weeks.  I am guessing maybe more about Miles and family might be released soon or maybe there are new characters involved this time.


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It's interesting that he started out recruiting UNC football players.  And just where is the NCAA investigation into that?  Did he do so outside of any coach or adminstrator knowing about it - as Steve Fisher and Co claim - or did UNC know about it?  

It also appears that it was quite easy for him to get involved in bball, after being around in football.  Makes you think about just how corrupt things are - an unknown outsider drops money, and every coach in the land* listens.  Without checking background...


(* - Obvious exception: John Beilein)


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It'll probably get leaked in dribs and drabs until the FBI releases its evidence in a court proceeding, at which point a whole lotta schools are going to be scrambling.  It does amaze me that Sean Miller is still coaching, but then again you might as well have something to get taken away by sanctions.  


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The whole Sean Miller thing is a big dispute about 'he said, she said'.  Nobody has released any taped conversation, it's only that someone at ESPN says 'a source' heard the tape and identified Miller.  Miller says it's not him, that he would never do anything wrong because he's such a good person and believes in the integrity of the game.  Arizona is backing its coach.  The NCAA doesn't give a crap because there is no open investigation, and they won't open one until the FBI wins its case in Federal Court that says particular coaches/schools/players/agents conspired to cheat the game.

Because of this fiasco of competing allegations, I'm not surprised - at all - that UA reinstated Miller, and that all of the other coaches and players have already been 'cleared' to play.  The FBI doesn't give a rats ass about NCAA rules.  Neither does the NCAA, either, until its money-flow is impacted.  And that hasn't been impacted, yet...

I mean, how can you question good 'ol Blue?  Coach K's dog says everything was good with Wendall Carter, so nothing changes.


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Let’s say the FBI has tons of data from Millers computer.

Your first problem to overcome is what I would call the “Cam Newton” dilemma. Even if Miller recorded info on players, agents or families asking for money - where is the proof they received it, and even if you overcome that you have to show that the player knew and it was a quid pro quo.

Good luck with that.

Then, let’s say you have a generally honest kid who wants no part of this type of thing and his name is in Millers data. How do you sort a kid who just plain said no to all cash offers and one where say Kentucky outbid Arizona?

While I share the skepticism of this whole recruiting cesspool, I want to caution you that the odds are plausible deniability will exist.

Assuming you swim across both those ponds, you have a very high probability that this all ends in plea deals where the courts officially seal all the evidence.

Don’t go betting your house on anything actually happening on this.


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and "you have to show that the player knew and it was a quid pro quo."


No you don't have to prove that.  A player loses his status without quid pro quo and without knowledge.  That's why the BS MSU went through about having Bridges pay back his $40.  He claims he didn't know but once the investigation makes it a discovery that doesn't change his requirement to maintain amature status.  The ability to pay back isn't about his knowledge or lack thereof, it's about the amount they confessed to.  If it had been over 350 or 400, I forget which, he would not have been able to pay it back period and would have been inelligble if he and MSU admitted it.




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Did Auburn ever admit to payment?  Was the money ever identified?  All I remember is the report that his dad solicited money from MSU, not that he was paid.  Your understanding of the situation is not what the NCAA record shows.

If Cam Newton's father had been proven to accept 150,000$ as a benefit because of Cam, it would not matter if Cam was aware or not.  That's the rule.  Instead all that's been proven is Cam's father sought money, not that he ever got it. 

There are two issues at play, one is have someone act as an agent on your behalf.  That requires knowledge.  The other is impermissible benefits, that does not require knowledge.  In your earlier statement, if you prove the first the rest is irrelevant.

"where is the proof they received it, and even if you overcome that you have to show that the player knew and it was a quid pro quo"



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the standard for 'sealing' evidence in the face of FOIA (freedom of information act) requests on the fed and state level wouldn't allow for it either except in some unique circumstances which aren't likely to exist in this case.  i have sued the state and won FOIA requests they denied, including paying the attorneys fees.   

for anyone interested, link:

and for the state: