Marshon Lattimore to declare for the NFL draft

Submitted by Michigan4Life on January 11th, 2017 at 2:03 PM

Marshon Lattimore just declared for the draft today. Three of the four OSU secondary have declared early. Malik Hooker is the only sure fire 1st rounder and is expected to be picked at top 15. Conley and Lattimore are in a fierce competition for the 1st round spot and the CB rankings are all over the board depending on who you talk to. It's a very deep CB class and it's expected that both will get drafted at either 1st or 2nd round.



Thank you all!

— Marshon Lattimore (@shonrp2) January 11, 2017


Michology 101

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Among many other things is right. I mean, you could argue the Lions need another OL, RB, LB, big outside WR, CB and D lineman.

I don't know how many draft picks we have, but each one should probably be a different position.

I still feel the Lions were about a 7-9 team that got lucky in a couple of close games to go 9-7 in the regular season.

Eat Your Wheatlies

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Pretty good evaluation. I think LB, D Line, and OL would be the top priorities, with OL and a #2 corner following. I get the idea of needing another WR, but I think that falls further down the list. WR rarely win teams a championship. It's kind of scary how many holes they have considering that they were a playoff team. Dang, they could probably use a difference-maker at safety now that I think about it.

Think the Browns would swap all of their picks to the Lions for Barry Sanders or Calvin Johnson???

A Lot of Milk

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I think next year is when you really see their youth. This year they had all these redshirt sophomores that have been with the program for three years, just not on the field. Once they start getting down to true freshmen or sophomores, that's when they start showing their inexperience


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of first and second year five and four stars ready to take these guys spots, just like a bunch of guys stepped up to replace the ones that left in 2016?

Top 10 classes in 2015 and 2016 and what is shaping up to be one of the most top heavy five star filled classes ever in 2017.  Same situation as last year with a bunch of those third year guys stepping up to be NFL ready (or nearly so).


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The Cleveland Browns select Marshon Lattimore, Ohio State.

I can only dream but if the Browns got Garrett, Peppers and Lattimore with their first three picks to go along with Greg Williams our D would get real interesting real fast.

Defense is increadibly deep in this year's draft.  Best I've seen in a LONG time.  Good year to have a ton of high picks (as long as you dont screw it up).

1 percent

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You're a man after my own heart. Garrett, Peppers, Lattimore would be incredible. That said it won't happen. I just don't want them to overdraft a QB. I do think Watson could be the truth though.

When I read your posts on the Browns I feel like I'm reading DBN

1 percent

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I mean you're right and not right. I think the biggest issue is the defense and lack thereof. Also the oline (which should be better next year with Greco and Bitonio back and maybe Shon Coleman). To me you've gotta go defense and I'm pretty sure that's what they are going to do at #1. I hope they do it at #1 (garrett) and #12 (peppers or hooker) ... and 33

Perkis-Size Me

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To be fair, if I'd just finished up my third year of school and someone told me come play football in the league next year and you'll be making a seven figure salary, I'd tell school to go take a hike too.

Sure I'd come back in the offseason and get my degree, and there is much more to life than football, but I'd make the same choice Lattimoee did if the Advisory Board told me I was a first rounder.


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I don't want to make a thread because I doubt there will be enough interest, but how is Vance Joseph about to get hired as the Broncos head coach? His defense in Miami was  29th - pretty terrible - even with some stud linemen. Don't really get that move by Elway.


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Markus Ray said I think yesterday or today on WTKA that it has been well known for a few decades that OSU tells their recuirts that they will come play for a few years, play in the NFL and then they can come back for classes to finish up if they want. 

I have no issues with that and am surprised when anyone is surprised that this good for the program.  Sure they are supposed to be STUDENT athletes but .... C'mon. 


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There's nothing fundamentally dishonest about that.  Guys can leave Michigan early and come back to school later, too.  

However, it can be tough to actually come back and finish that coursework later on.  You move away, maybe start a family, and suddenly you find it hard to juggle being a student again.  I have a lot of respect for those who manage to pull it off.


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Draft needs in the first few rounds



OL wan't too bad - need to continue to build depth there and grab one of the RB's - a lot of good ones this year


need another pass rusher, a LB and a CB


keeping Abdullah and Levy on the field will be like getting draft picks and they have $40M in cap room too