July 2nd, 2018 at 8:05 PM ^

Isaiah Hole's new site is WolverinesWire, and it's pretty good if you haven't checked it out and want 247-but-free type content.

He does some annoying 2010 Internet stuff (clickbait-y titles, making you go through 3 pages for no reason), but the added content is more than welcome. 



July 3rd, 2018 at 2:45 PM ^

Thanks!   Given the recent changes (no mobile app, my impression of general DGAF-ness - how long upgrade took/what you think of it/politics on main page(!)). I can't be the only one thinking it, right?

I'll lurk here for the Game Recaps, Previews, and UFRs, but Wolverines Wire may bump to my most oft-refreshed source of M content.