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I'm not sure why the official announcement matters at all. Every coaching search has an official announcement/press conference 24-48 hours after the actual hire has already been reported, but I've never seen anyone add an extra forum on here for an official announcement of a coach that was non-Michigan related. Richt had been reported done to Miami 48 hours ago, and this news actually overshadowed the Durkin hire nationally and was the front page story on ESPN yesterday. I posted the 1st thread 2 days ago. Site search is your friend.



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been fair weather fans, thats not the point.  The point is the culture of the program Miami has accepted and promoted for the last 30 years.  Miami has hired 2 coaches in a row who were known as disciplinarians and were supposed to change Miami for the better.  In the end neither Shannon nor Golden could do that.  Mark Richt is being asked to do pretty much the same thing.  I hope it works out for him because I'd like to see a better Miami in college football than what we've seen.  I just happen to believe Richt will struggle with it.


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Miami is a private university. The culture there is not at all like what you would associate with the football program. It's more like Gonzaga or Pepperine. Maybe Richt can help to make the football culture more in sync with the university culture? Miami is a good school (and a plumb job if you are a prof). It's not a party circus like many think.


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He's low key, he's very much a laid back southeasterner. That culture pretty much stops at Jacksonville. I think he would have been great at Maryland or SC or Missouri. Shit even Memphis if they could have paid him enough. He might be capable of success there, but I know I would not want to coach in that town.

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You're right, there's many more parts of Miami that will make Richt cringe. He was born in Omaha and his other coaching stops have been Greenville, Tallahassee, and Athens. Basically he has spent all his life coaching in a quiet lounge that plays Willie Nelson and is now going to try to coach in the middle of a glow party at a club. We will see how he does, but the culture is night and day

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what is the Miami culture? The school is a tiny, private college in a rich suburb, the fanbase is incredibly fairweather, the players weren't even in double digits the last time Miami came near a national title. There is no culture, only 30 year old memories that probably need to be put to bed for the good of the program. Richt is the perfect guy to do that.