Mark Donnal not returning for 5th year

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Seems like the writing had been on the wall here but Beilein has made it official listing Donnal among the 5 players graduating and leaving along with Walton, Irvin, Lonergan, & Dakich.

Heres to hoping Teske can figure out how to work his body by next season and/or Davis being a revelation.…

In a similar article, was freep so won't link, Beilein said he expects this incoming freshman class to contribute more early on than the current one. He specifically mentions Eli Brooks as a kid who will play right away. Were going to definitely need guard help with Walton being gone and Xavier still finding his game at the college level.



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Same Webb was talking about DJ and Wagner on WTKA Michigan Insider this morning ... He felt they'd both be here another year. He thinks the only issue may be the talent interest that NBA scouts have been showing recently.  


It's available on WTKA podcasts to listen to for more detail, but that was the summary. - The futures of Wagner and Wilson 022217


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I listened to that as well. Sam made it clear that phones were blowing up over both Wagner and Wilson by NBA scouts. And not just casual check ins, but it looks like both players are getting major NBA interest throughout the season. If Wagner shows a McGaryesque leap in March, he may not be back. Same would apply for Wilson one would assume based off the interest Sam discussed.


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although, Trey did come back for a Naismith season after this kind of buzz after his freshman season, and so did McGary even though we didn't really benefit from his return.

But yeah, Morris left after one good season, Stauskas left after one good season. Hope these guys don't leave after one good season too.


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I don't understand what the point of Wagner going back to Germany would be. His ultimate goal is obviously the NBA. He will always have the option to go back and play professionally in Germany, but if he does that he will get way less exposure. Obviously he would get paid and be able to live near home, but it really doesn't make sense as a basketball/career move, especially since it appears that he could have an NBA ceiling.


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Believe their point is why go back over there when all along he could have played there and gotten noticed. He is already on their radar with the NBA here, so going overseas won't really improve his standing. Unless he feels Beilein isn't progressing his game, or he just wants to get paid while improving his stock.


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ding ding ding ding.  get paid good money instead of going to school?  That's a choice most people would make.

He has improved dramatically over the last two seasons, so my guess is that his pay wouldn't have been very good had he tried to go pro in Germany two years ago.  I don't know much about their pro system but it might have been a developmental/junior league situation in which he might have been paid meh.  But now that he might be able to pull down a big paycheck in Germany, the opportunity cost of staying here another year is pretty high.


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But most teams only have 1-2 of them, compared with more college scouts. A team might catch Wagner only 1-2 times a year in Europe, but probably will see him 4-5 times a year in the NCAA, if not more (a couple of regular season games, maybe a November tournament, and certainly the B1G and NCAAs). For a guy like Wagner who projects to the second round if he's drafted, exposure is probably a good thing.


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They certainly do, but I still agree with the idea he gets in front of more scouts more regularly playing for M.

More than that, GMs and scouts are better able to compare him to his peers in the draft in NCAA games than as a pro in Europe. If he shows growth in the same environment it's also more clear to see than if he takes a leap against different competition. 

I think Mo gets drafted when he goes either way, but if he makes a leap in the US more teams will be higher on him than if he makes a leap in Germany.


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have adjustment factors for all the major European leagues such that they can compare pretty easily college players to European players.

Guys, the NBA is highly sophisticated in its international scouting at this point.  Whatever he does in Europe will get noticed.  He'll get plenty of exposure.

If anything, it seems like Michigan players might have a negative perception as "system" guys at this point.  No Beilein player has panned out well in the NBA - even the Naismith winner!  It might be a situation where our players like like Texas Tech QBs: great numbers, but tough to project to the pros.


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Maybe I dont remember clearly anymore but it seems odd to me for this announcement to be made now while the season is still underway.  Sort of feels like a guy getting fired or quitting a job and then working for the next month or so (looking at you NC State).


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Not sure if the Wagner rumor is new or not though. The pro teams in Germany have been recruiting him hard since he got here. Im sure that has only intensified as he has continued to improve. Him staying in Ann Arbor during the offseason again would be really nice on many levels.

You would have to think Beilein is very confident in Wagner staying to not bring Donnal back. A Teske/Davis rotation at the 5 next year would be scary.


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leaving wouldn't create problems in the future. 

It seems that when it comes to personnel decisions, Beilein's judgement has not always been perfect.  At least when it comes to decisions about retaining players or showing them the door.


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would be nice to believe that, but Beilein has made some really questionable personnel decisions with fifth year guys.  Letting Max walk last year when Donnal was clearly not ready and Doyle had a completely different skill set was really, really odd.  Unless there simply won't be a spot next year, it is hard to explain not bringing back a two year contributor who does provide solid experienced minutes.

I don't think Beilein is doing so intentionally as some form of "plot," it would not make sense to, but it is starting to look a little shady.  You redshirt a guy with the full understanding that it means he will be on campus for five years.  Not retaining that player at the end of their fourth year, unless it is a clearly and expressly mutual thing..... I don't know.  I don't like this practice.  It shows a lack of recruiting continuity and roster balance that ultimately the player ends up paying for.

EQ RC Blue

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You get a scholarship for four years, that's the understanding.  It's not at all shady to redshirt a guy and then give him a firm handshake.  It would have been better to play Donnal spot minutes his first year and burn his RS?  Consider this year -- JB has said Austin Davis could provide a few solid minutes a game -- would it be better for Austin to burn a year of eligibility to provide a few minutes here or there for a few games or have an opportunity for a fifth year, even if it's not a Michigan.  

Beilfeldt got to have a year paid toward an IU business degree and be a sixth man on a B1G title team.  He still proudly reps the M.  Spike is getting some kind of PU graduate degree and playing for a contender despite being injured.  Etc. etc.  

JB is doing these guys a solid by preserving their eligibility, and particularly when it hasn't benefited UM overly much with any fifth year guys.  From everything we've read he's always up front with guys about their status.  The only improvement is that now they just list guys without the RS tag so it's all clear on the roster.


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You listened to an opposing viewpoint, tried to understand the opposing position using it, and changed your opinion?!? What the hell are you doing--that's not how the Internet is supposed to work.


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There is nothing shady about it.  You have to earn the 5th year and it has to makes sense for all involved.  Absolutely nothing shady about it.

Edit:  and EQ RC Blue convinced you!  Nevermind my short remedial answer.