Mark Dantonio and "Red-Lock" status.

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WTF is this supposed to mean and why aren't we making lots of good jokes yet?


Coach Mark Dantonio, when asked Wednesday if anyone who participated in the April 1 scrimmage has been suspended or are no longer with the program, said other players beyond the 15 who did not dress for the game are in what he termed a “red-lock” situation.

“Well, we red-lock people from time to time. We use the term red-lock for various things,” Dantonio said on the Big Ten spring football teleconference. “So yes, there has been. That’s a constant. There is constant people in and out of different situations. I think that is normal.”




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Yes, and people will undoubtedly accuse us of riding a high horse or being arrogant but when this sort of thing becomes a regular pattern it is literally jeopardizing the safety of the student body. And the Lansing and Detroit media who have pushed this silly, unsupported notion that Dantonio is a disciplinarian who recruits "character" they are also at fault.


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Not sure what point you're trying to make. He was just sharing his response to the picture.

Nothing incorrect in what he stated. If it made him think of Dusty and a trombone, then so be it!

Personally, it made me think of a conch shell and a grey haired wrinkled old woman.

(But I'm hoping to see only 1 of those on the beach in 10 days!)

The Krusty Kra…

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Bullough got into a fight with teammates the first day the team arrived in L.A. (I'm assuming some minor disagreement that escalated because ROID RAGE.) Dantonio had to make a decision whether to play him but Shane and Chuck Bullough (Dad and Uncle) weighed in and said he should be suspended for such horrible conduct as a captain. Hence, he sits out, Kyler Elsworth seals his name into program history. End of story.


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How long is Michigan State going to refer to whatever is going on within their program as "those things that are going on that really serious and really, really bad but super secretive and that we will not expand on nor clarify because of #investigations in a very vague sense and we won't take questions but it is really bad guys."?  Are they ever going to discuss what those things are?  So weird.