Mario Ojemudia to OLB?!?

Submitted by 93Grad on January 17th, 2012 at 12:43 PM

In a recent Detnews article, they talk about Mario playing OLB for Michigan.  If true, that is a shock to me and it raises more questions about or DL recruiting.  If Mario goes to OLB that means we did not land any true WDE's this year and we are even more loaded at OLB. 

Wormley, Godin and Strobel all seem to be SDE/ DT types.  Pharoh Brown was slated for WDE and maybe his desire to play TE helped the coaches decide to move on.  I suppose Mario can still end up at WDE after putting on weight, but I'm still wondering why the staff did not start recuriting other WDE's once Brown left? 

I know, I know, trust the coaches, blah blah blah, but this one confuses me.…



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Last year Clark was headed to OLB, too...  Clark and Ojemudia seem like similar players to me.  So we'll see...

Regardless, I think Strobel can play weakside DE.  Keep in mind that, while it sounds like the WDE should be a guy who's small and quick, the coaches still wanted Roh to get up to 270 to play WDE.  Godin is almost headed for the SDE and maybe DT if he gets too big, but Strobel's a little lighter and a little more athletic.

Also, don't forget about Phara-...oh, never mind.


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the next Jake Ryan in the long line of Jake Ryans.  His body type is that of a LB.  unless he grows alot in overall size this makes complete sense to me.  When i saw his tape when he first committed i said to myself this kid would crush at LB.  agree on the hypbrid 3-4 look.


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I think Ojemudia is going to be used in the same way Brennan Beyer is used... an OLB that is at the line on passing down situations.




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When it comes to recruiting and what positions a 17 year old kid projects out to playing I have to leave to the coaches to know what they are doing.  I (and i would guess about 99% of the board) are ill equiped to second guess these decisions given the limited facts we have available to us.  So the coaches blah blah blah.

I save my all-important suggestions for really critical matters like bubble screens and 4th and 1 playcalling at MSU.   I feel there I truly can offer some much needed assistance.



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...until there's clear evidence that this coaching staff takes seriously the need to recruit the body types and skill sets needed to implement a full-bore bubble screen scheme on offense.  We MUST design the world around the players we have and get: don't ask players to do what they cannot, and what they can and should do at Michigan is bubble screen all the time.  (That's the key to shredding Alabama's defense next year, too.)

Yes, this is sarcasm, because I'm sick unto death of the zombie-like fixation on bubble screens...


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Hoke mentioned that he looked at butts and shoulders and tried to project how big a kid could get when filled out.  Current height and weight only tell part of the story. 

Who would have thought that Frank Clark would have played at almost 230 lbs as a freshman when he was listed as a 210 lb recruit, and those numbers tend to be on the high side.

Steve Lorenz

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I just interviewed Mario the other night. He said the coaches plan to use him as a rush end and that Coach Mattison has specifically told him that he wants to bulk Mario up to put him in a Terrell Suggs-type position. 


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He'll play next year, though I realize he's still quite skinny.  I'm going to be foolish and go ahead and predict 5+ sacks for this kid, including 2 in one game.  Fully realize this would have nearly made him the team leader this year, but I don't think some OT's are going to know what to do with him.

5+ sacks in limited time.  


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that was my understanding of the role he would be playing so that was why I was surprised by the Detnews article. 

I agree with all the comments about guys like Clark, Ryan, Beyer, etc we have some flexibility.  I personally hope we keep loading up on the Dline.  Athletes with size on the DL is what separates the SEC from the rest of the world.


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Are Roy Roundtree and Jeremy Gallon 'slot' receivers or a 'wide' receivers?  IDK, but I WORRY.

Is Mike Martin an a 4-3 DT or a 3-4 DE in the NFL?  IDK, but I WORRY.

Do I call Courtney Avery a 'nickel' back or a 'corner' back?  IDK, but I WORRY.

Is Thomas Gordan a 'strong' safety or a 'free' safety?  IDK, but I WORRY...  Bonus Worry:  what does this year's coaching staff call it exactly?!?

These may be stupid things to worry about but not nearly as much as worrying about the future positions of verbal commitments, when even the coaches aren't sure about the long-term position for the majority of them.  The only recruit with almost zero chance of moving away from his currently projected position is Richardson. 


Hardware Sushi

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You're focusing too much on specific names of positions. The 4-3 under we've been running doesn't necessarily need players that fit the exact mold of three positions (DT, DE, LB) as defined by "Tackles are fat and stand in the middle", "Ends are fast and edge rush", "Linebackers hit gaps and tackle RBs."

DTs and DEs may use quickness or power and some may rush while some may contain (or even drop back into coverage LOLZ Mike Martin).

DEs and OLBs can have similar responsibilities depending on formation and play.

We play what looks like a 5-2 a lot even though it's a 4-3 under and if you start focusing too much on setting positions into a traditional mold, it probably won't fit. 4-3 under seems like an amorphous formation anyway.

Also to remember, Mario has not enrolled yet and he's 210 pounds. Regardless of projected position, he'll need to add weight. He may be a totally diffferent player in 2 years when he sees the field


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We're currently at Roh, Black, Heitzman as WDEs.  Clark and Ryan can also play with their hand down if needed.  So even if we don't take a WDE, I'm not going to panic.  


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I saw Wormley play twice in HS.  I know a little bit about football, and I  think there's at least a chance he might move inside to the 3 tech at some point. 


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they want him to play the 'Joker' position which is a DE/LB hybrid. The player primarily plays with his hand down and occasionally drops into coverage. Think James Hall from the 1997 team.