Marginal OT*: Detroit Pizza

Submitted by lexus larry on April 15th, 2013 at 11:58 AM

*Marginal due to Jeff Smokevitch being quoted.

Agree with the statements in the article about what Detroit Pizza is all about...just don't blow up into a Zingerman's is/isn't debate, please!  (And don't blame me for the source article...thought it was a fun subject in these dark days before 2-a-days.)



April 15th, 2013 at 2:17 PM ^

Living in Chicago, I have no complaints. I love the variety of pizza, Italian Beef, Chicago style hot dogs, and if I want it, a coney. Variety is a good thing. What really makes it great are local mfg. of good hot dogs. (Hard to find pasties here, though.)


April 15th, 2013 at 2:23 PM ^

Depending on the mood, a traditional round, thin New York, Chicago style pie, or a deep dish Detroit can all hit the spot.

But keeping on topic, the places that really separate deep dish from Detroit do it right an dmake sure they get that crispy edge burn on the crust, as well as the cheese/sauce mix.  I find whenever I'm swinging by the IMAX in Dearborn, you almost have to plan a side trip to Buddy's.


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Go to Gracie-See's on Detroit's west side, South-West corner of Greenfield and Warren.  Best greasy-cup pepperoni pizza on the planet. 

Also, Green Lantern on 12 and John R is good.

For a chain, Buddy's is the best, followed by Jets.


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coney stand set up for late snacks at my daughter's reception on Saturday. Most of her friends were here from DC, where coneys are unknown. In fact, we sent a coney care package for her Superbowl Party a couple of years ago.

Most of the out-of-town guests stayed at the Dearborn Inn. By sheer coincidence, we had a rather large group at Buddy's in Dearborn on Sunday. Everyone was impressed with the pizza, including contingents from both coasts.


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I worked in Southfield for years and Shields was more convienent than the Buddy's in Farmington Hills.  I like Cottage Inn but Shields is better.  I've never tried Jets as their crappy commercials made me think they sucked.  

I'm on a diet so no Pizza for me for awhile.  

I worked at Domino's HQ in Ann Arbor in the late 90's and they would deliver a hot pie to your desk.  You could not just get a slice, contributing to my current weight siuation years later.  For some reason a Domino's Pizza at HQ was pretty good.  Plus you could volunteer to "help out" in the test kitchen by trying new pies, dough etc


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is making me crave Thano's Lamplighter pizza.  God, I miss that place.  It was the best pizza in A2 and arguably the best now defunct Ann Arbor restaurant.  Heck, I bet we probably could even start a thread on great establishments that have made that long trip to restaurant heaven.


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Buddy's pizza FTW. I had Jets for the first time a few months ago here in Chicago and it seems close to Buddy's. Also, Peaquods has that nice crispy edge. Ultimately though I compare deep dish/pan to Buddy's.


April 15th, 2013 at 10:51 PM ^

Jet's is delicious, but somewhat expensive. Much better than Buddy's, IMO.

Their ranch is exquisite, though. They make it in-house and it's fantastic. If you like ranch on your pizza (or even on your salad), look no further.