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"Why did these west virgina people come fuck up the best school in the country ... In bball and fball... Please go back"



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“Me and coach Rod are on good terms,” linebacker Marell Evans told the Free Press tonight. “It was more than playing time or academics or anything like that. It was a lot of things. Coach Rod is a great coach and I wish him plenty of success. I wanted to finish my career a different way.”

“He’s a great man and I respect the man,” said Evans, a junior from Richmond, Va. “He wanted me to think about this decision and said I’m a big part of the program. But I respectfully wanted to leave the program.”


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Bash that motherscratcher! Go for it! There are no repercussions, and making fun of him will negate the fact that much of what he said was right!

The lack of linebacker depth on the Michigan roster is a surefire sign that he would NEVER have played at Michigan, despite the fact that he was at least a part-time starter in his second year of college football.


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So you believe that saying that Michigan was better in 2007 is the same thing as saying that Rich Rod "fucked up" the program? Because that's what your statement suggests. But if I recall correctly, in the year before Rich Rod arrived, the football team boasted Chad Henne, Mike Hart, Jake Long, Mario Manningham, and Adrian Arrington.

My understanding is that football-wise, you are one of the smartest people on these boards. But if you believe that Rich Rod "fucked up" the program, and apparently you do, then you believe that Rich rod inherited a program that was in great shape (no player attrition, no poor defensive talent, etc.), and Rich Rod drove it into the ground. I don't believe that to be the case.

I assume that given that you believe Rich Rod "fucked up" the program, you also believe he should be fired?


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I don't believe that Rodriguez "fucked up" the program. I have never said that.

What I'm saying is that it's not unfathomable for someone to believe that. Evans is not inherently wrong for believing that Rodriguez did.

I also do not believe Rodriguez should be fired. I have never said that, either. I think he deserves another year, maybe even two.

Also, what many people on this thread seem to be overlooking is the major violations that occurred on Rodriguez's watch; Evans is likely referring to both the losses and the NCAA investigation. You can argue about our roster all you want, but those practice violations, CARA reports, 7-on-7 violations, etc. fall on the shoulders of Rodriguez*.

*You could make an argument that it's not Rodriguez's fault that a GA watched 7-on-7s, but every management person is responsible for their underlings. If Rodriguez isn't to blame for that, then Carr isn't to blame for Gittleson, etc.


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How is this relevant?

I said the football program was better prior to Rodriguez.

Yeah, The Horror happened, but would you rather lose to ASU and go 9-4, or would you rather be 3-9?


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on the program that they lost to a 1AA team? did you watch that game? how can you not draw lines between 2005, The Horror, and the current state of the program? it was widely rumored that Lloyd was losing the fire and had to be convinced to come back for 2007 in the first place and it certainly looked like it.


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Losing to Toledo was far, far, far more embarrassing if you actually know a thing or two about football. ASU was a vastly superior team to Toledo. Categories and divisions only matter to schmucks who can't evaluate a team based exclusively on what they see on the field.


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But nobody made t-shirts after we lost to Toledo and nobody remembers that game besides us, Toledo fans, and the most die-hard of Michigan haters. The national perception hit the program took from the ASU game was infinitely worse.


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I'm not really concerned with the perception of the lowest common denominator. What do people of higher value think? That's what's important.

If people think ASU was a worse football team than Toledo just because they are D1AA ... those people don't know jack, and they don't matter.


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My head says that's a silly and short-sighted comment.

My heart full of State and OSU hating rage and belief that what I've seen in Michigan sports the past two/three years is completely unacceptable, says preach on brother.

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It's not like he's trolling, cursing, using racial slurs, has awful grammar, has excessive misspellings, or using tons OF ALL CAPS!!!

We don't need to neg people into oblivion for being contrary, we need to neg people for being douche bags. The board is no fun if everyone always agrees.

Sorry, I get frustrated sometimes at somewhat frustrated posts that end up with -10 or so points.