Manziel gonna Manziel

Submitted by Finance-PhD on August 31st, 2013 at 9:44 PM

So after missing half a game Manziel decided to do his thing and had some fun with that powerhouse Rice. He mouthed off one time too many and got an unsportsmanlike penalty. Coach tried talking to him and Johnny just walked away from him.

Don't worry that leadership didn't affect TA&M as only two players were ejected. One was for targetting and one was for throwing a punch.


Not sure if Mark RIcht has lost control of Manziel or if Sumlin should now be in that meme.…



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I've switched to rooting for Johnny Football.  

After hearing about all the bullshit A&M had him doing on the PR trail and the sucking up to boosters trail during the off season, and seeing how everybody and their brother is making millions off him, I'm now rooting for him to be as brazen as he possibly can with his not giving a fuck.

I want to see him talking as much trash as possible, giving money hand signs, giving signature hand signs, etc.

I love college football, but its time for the hypocrisy that is the NCAA to burn to the ground.  Manziel is just the type of person to do it. 


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It was pretty clear that the Rice players were mouthing off at him from the moment he stepped on the field, leading to him "signing" at one then the money signal after the TD. The kid isn't Tebow, and I don't see that much wrong with that. If Sumlin finds him uncontrollable, well, it's his Frankenstein.

Clarence Beeks

September 1st, 2013 at 8:16 AM ^

"How do you know that the Rice players didn't start it by running their mouth?"

Exactly this, and they were. ESPN kept showing the clips of Manziel doing things, but it wasn't the whole story. Not even close. Now, finally, on College Football Final, they acknowledge that the Rice players were the ones taunting Manziel and that Manziel was reacting, not instigating. Tom Luginbill (sideline reporter for this game) should be absolutely ashamed of himself for not reporting this at the time, rather than fanning the flames like he did. Absolutely dishonest by ESPN. Makes any looking at this objectively wonder if ANY of the ESPN reporting on any aspect of the Manziel story has been honest. This whole media treatment has done the exact opposite of what they intended: I'm cheering for this kid.

Glen Masons Hot Wife

September 1st, 2013 at 2:03 PM ^

confirmed that he said (after getting tackled) "what's up nick? nice hit" after he was said to be "mouthing off to a rice player"

Pretty harmless.  Anyway, players talk shit all the time, he just happens to have a white, hot burning spotlight on him, which you could argue is a dumb environment to run your mouth in.


September 1st, 2013 at 9:47 AM ^

Agreed.  Johnny Football's exploits just go to show how hypocritical Hoke and the rest of the NCAA are - they need, as you say, to be biuurned to the ground.  We need to get rid of the Wolverines football team and rent the stadium to some organization which can make millions off of playing professionals like Manziel to play in the Wolverines' place.


August 31st, 2013 at 9:56 PM ^

Sumlin can't really do much right now; you bench the kid and lose (which they will), you probably lose your job.  You leave him out there, he looks like an idiot and you have to keep defending him.  Manziel already struck me as a fringe NFL guy because of his size and lack of arm strength, but the attitude certainly won't help either.  And the sad thing is that he really is a good college football player; it's not like he's a punk with no talent.


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aTm is getting what they deserve.  Throw a meaningless punishment at a kid that blatantly broke the rules and you give him licesne to act however he wants.  Good luck, Sumlin.  


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Last year the Manziel story was interesting ... worthy of rooting for him.

Now I'm just sick of him.  There's a fine line between cockiness and being a dick.  He's crossed it.

He won't be an NFL QB.