Manny Harris Update (d-league)

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Tonight (last night?) in a game vs. the Rio Grande Valley Vipers, Manny Harris had 46 points, 9 rebounds, 6 assists and 4 steals for the Canton Charge. The Charge ended up winning the game 136-113. With that type of production he should be picked up or at least given a shot in the league by somebody. That must be a career high in points for Corp, but then again he was Mr. Basketball.



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Manny is a solid player and I anticipate he'll get a chance to compete with the big boys soon enough.  Would the extra year in college have helped him develop enough to play consistently in the NBA?  Probably not, at least from what we've seen, but it's always fun to think about.  Would love to see him wind up in a place that could really use him off the bench.  Doesn't make me happy seeing him in the D League and Morris in street clothes.

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Manny actually played >900 minutes in the NBA last year (compared to 1100 his last year at Michigan), so it's not like he was withering away on the bench. If anything, I'd imagine that last year was a pretty constructive experience for him, allowing him to get a feel for the different level of size/speed/skill in the league and to build up his game accordingly.


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especially with Beilein's emphasis on teaching and coaching. I don't think you get that type of instruction in the D-League (ironically, given the name).

Please correct me if I'm wrong. I would think a college team and a coach who believes in developing players (as opposed to a 1-and-done coach) would provide more instruction.


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The other point to consider with staying in school is you get the opportunity to not only work on areas of your game you are weak in like shooting in the case of Manny and Darius, but you get a chance to get 30 competitive games under your belt to hone those new skills.   

When you are the unquestioned one or two best players at any level, you have more freedom to improve in live games. In the NBA or developmental league situations everyone else is in the same boat and there is only one ball.

When they ask guys like Kareem and Grant Hill about the issue of whether you can hone your game effectively in college, they always give a definitive yes.

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Just so I'm clear: if someone disagrees with my post, it gets hidden?  Cool.  

The previous post used a throwaway, unsourced comment from a player who's never helped any of his teams win anything meaningful, been injured for long stretches of his career and somehow still has elements of the media hanging on his every word....


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Did you have a bad experience with Grant Hill as a child?  Are you still feeling slighted from when he left the Pistons to go to Orlando?

There is clearly something you have against Grant Hill because you seem to be the only person here under the impression that he's not had a successful career.  The man was rookie of the year, led all-star voting multiple times, was on multiple 1st/2nd team All-NBA teams, took the Pistons to the playoffs almost singlehandedly during some of worst years and now, as the 2nd oldest player in the NBA (younger than the oldest by 1 day), is still a regular contirbutor.  The man came back from what seemed like career ending injuries to become an above avergae player again.

Snap out of it man.  Regardless of your ill-advised opinions, Grant Hill has had a damn successful NBA career.



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I was going to go into a long spiel on how flawed your logic is, but I decided it's a worthless cause.  You clearly don't think Grant Hill has done anything special in his career and have attempted to prove your point by flaunting your obssession with Ben Wallace (because he evidently played all 5 starting positions for the Pistons and coached them during their championship year).

So I give in.  You are right.  Grant Hill is a mediocre player who is still in the NBA after 20 years because we all feel sorry for him and got into the All-Star game so many times because someone rigged the ballots.  His transition from college star to NBA player is right on par with other former players of his era like Bobby Hurley and Eric Montross.  He's nothing more than insignificant NBA grunt who no one will ever write about or use as an example to future college players looking to make their professional leap.  Oh, and by the way, it's my opinion that the world's flat as well.


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When he gets to the league it's going to be "Linsanity" all over again." Mansanity."

Edit- "Manball?" No? Still "Overrated?"


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His name, Corperryale, is a combination of the names of his cousin (Corrine), an uncle (Perry) and the "ale" of his immediate siblings—Janelle, Jerrelle and Al. He has a total of nine brothers and sisters and is the son of Merrick (Harris-Carter) and James Carter. His nickname, "Manny", was given to him by his father after a character in Scarface.

I believe L'adorable is French for "The Adorable" or "Is Adorable."