Manny Harris - to stay or not to stay

Submitted by ijohnb on February 22nd, 2010 at 11:35 AM

With apologies to my Washtenaw County peeps, as it looks like Mother Nature had you on her shit list for one reason or another, I propose a topic for discussion.

Manny Harris - Much has been made of the discussion of Manny turning pro. Based upon my observations of Manny this year and throughout his career, the phrase "poor basketball IQ" jumps out at me as very applicable. In terms of nature ability, when he puts himself in the right positions, Harris has an explosiveness about him that will make him a notable impact player in the NBA, perhaps comparable to say, Morris Peterson or Jason Terry with regard to his overall contribution to an NBA team.

However, he does not seem to have the understanding of where to pick and choose his moments of explosiveness and often settles for the easiest possible mechanism to do so (fadeway threes, enough already). I think the question as to his return should be dependent on whether another year of college basketball can help to improve these crucial aspects of his game. With Sims leaving, Manny would be asked to be the leader of this team next year in both a talent and experience way. What this team needs is a coach on the floor type leader, and I think being asked to fill that role would have a postive effect on his NBA prospects.

A impressive senior year could move Harris from a fringe, early second round pick to a possible lottery consideration, may be worth a shot. I wish the best for Manny, stay or leave, but I really think he could benefit from one more year in college. Hang around Manny, I think you can make this team a contender next year, things will bounce right eventually.



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I don't know that Manny has even shown that he is a man playing out of position, as I believe Sims has. Of the two, Sims all the way if I had my choice.

Manny is slow, deliberate, inconsistent with his jumper (at best), and has absolutely NO first step that is going to fool anyone. I don't see great movement without the ball either.

Hopefully during his time at Michigan he has taken it upon himself to study at least three other languages so he'll know how to cash his paychecks in Europe or Turkey.


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If he left now he'd be destined for the NBDL for a while. Before the season started it looked like there'd be no way Manny would stay but there probably won't be many who give him anything more then a late 2nd round grade.


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Nothing is guaranteed. He could easily go undrafted. He projects to play shooting guard at the next level, and that's the easiest position to fill. There are many guys out there who are 6'5" athletes with a shaky handle and shot. What makes him stand out?


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AFAIC, Manny has played himself out of the first round this year. That means that he wouldn't be guaranteed any money and probably wouldn't command a signing bonus. Manny needs to come back next year, be a leader, and play himself into what I consider to be his ceiling: the middle of the first round.

This year sucks, especially for Sims, but if Manny plays his cards right, he could end up being one of the most beloved players to wear the maize and blue and also have a nice contract next year. I get chills thinking about how cool it would be for Manny to come back, lead the team to the Sweet Sixteen, and be credited as one of the major factors in rebuilding the program.

Staying would probably give him the option of coming back as a coach when his NBA days are over, too. A lot of good things could happen to Manny if he came back for his senior year.


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I don't mean to be a downer, I really don't, but I'm a bit worried that our team is going to be worse next year w/o Sims (even if Manny stays) b/c we're going to lack any inside big-man.

I hope I'm wrong.


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Manny will do whatever is in Manny's best interests, but he SHOULD be considering coming back. This was a make-or-break year for him, as his stock was high after last year but he had some developmental issues to work out.

That hasn't happened, and while I see he could get another chance next season to improve his status, I feel like if he had to stay one more year his draft position won't be changing much. Unless, of course, he has a break out season.

For some players, however, staying for their senior seasons didn't help their draft status in any way. It's helped some players, but most it either stayed the same or hurt it.


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Right now Manny is a hero for helping get us back to the tournament. If he stays and takes us to the sweet 16 next year, he becomes a Michigan legend.

Steve in PA

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He needs to stay. Even in the game the other night, Taylor Battle looked like the player more ready for the NBA.

I like Manny a lot, but agree with the above poster that mentioned he needs to learn more when to use his ability and when to stay within the offense. I also think that Manny is at times a defensive liability, but in the NBA that doesn't matter since nobody really plays defense.


February 22nd, 2010 at 12:23 PM ^

I think that kind of puts a damper on Michigan's chances of getting Trey Z. Trey wants pretty immediate playing time and if Manny stays, I think Trey may be UCLA bound. I highly doubt he's coming to State due to our depth.

gpsimms not to…

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Trey had one of those twitter answer question things, and someone asked him if that would matter (manny going/staying) and trey said, "nah, i'd rather he stay"

that doesn't mean playing time isn't an issue. quite frankly, if manny stays, i don't think it cuts into trey's minutes very much, because i think beilein would be just as happy to find him minutes at the 2, considering our lack of talent at that position.

either way, his recruitment is interesting and frustrating because he is so 'close to the vest' as they say. no one will be able to do anything but guess until the day he announces. good luck, but i really hope he doesn't chose state.


February 22nd, 2010 at 12:27 PM ^

Can't forget how close Manny and Peedi are. Hopefully, it means Sims talking him into staying by pointing out how good it was for him as opposed to Manny leaving because he doesn't want to play here without his best friend.


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stays I really think he will hurt his pick more. I really like how people are saying Sweet Sixteen next year but thats a long shot right now given how we really don't know much about next years team obviously. I don't think Manny could lead the team next year either, everytime we need points it seems like Manny starts forcing things and commits turnovers. I really hope someone can take over Sims spot and be competent because Sims has carried this team sans last game.


February 22nd, 2010 at 1:34 PM ^

The point of him staying is for him to prove that he won't force things or commit turnovers. The hope is that he matures a bunch and becomes a leader (like he was supposed to be this year).


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I usually sit right behind UM's bench during the games, and I don't know how much it's really worth, but it seemed like before the game against PSU this Saturday, Manny and JB had a nice moment. A big smile from Manny to JB, and then a little hand grab/hug type thing. It kind of warmed me up to the idea that Manny might actually stay...but I don't know, maybe it's wishful thinking over a small moment that meant nothing at all.


February 22nd, 2010 at 1:36 PM ^

Taylor Battle may have looked more NBA ready, but wow is he tiny. His legs might actually be smaller than Manny's, and that's really saying something. Not to mention his upper body was relatively weak, too.

It was enough to beat us, though.


February 22nd, 2010 at 3:06 PM ^

There is this factor in the transition from college to pro: no need for that pesky dribbling. Since the NBA made that thing optional it makes driving much easier. No need to worry about those ill advised threes anymore.


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One of the benefits of not being one of the first posters is that I can read all of your posts first!

(Yes, I know... I have a keen grasp of the obvious!)


1. Paycheck
2. His dream to go pro
3. Michigan team may not be as good next year (horrible thought) therefore not have as much production. (Opponent only needs to guard him)
4. Good relationship with coach?
5. Likes college experience
6. Not injured


1. May not go high in draft (smaller paycheck)
2. Talent not fully developed
3. Not fluent in foreign language
4. Not so good a relationship with coach?
5. Feels its time for new challenges.
6. Could get injured - badly.

Of course, there could be more, but my read is that he is just not ready. I hope he gets good advice before making a decision like this - and then follows it.

No matter what you decide Manny, thanks for choosing Michigan. You are forever a Wolverine!


February 22nd, 2010 at 4:40 PM ^

I feel like Manny has progressed in the turnover department. He seems to be able to hold on to the ball a bit better than last year. I remember this being his biggest flaw last year and everybody always pointed this out as waht he needed to work on the most. He seems to have regressed in his jumpshot and his defense and his overall dribble drive scoring. If he could dribble drive and finish as well as he did last year, we might be waving goodbye to him.