Manny Harris looking good

Submitted by panthera leo fututio on October 11th, 2010 at 12:13 PM

Manny had 14 points and 3 steals last night in 24 minutes of action.  Looks like he's still got some balance issues on his jumper, and there's a number of wings he's going to have to beat out to make Cleveland's roster, but it seems like he's making a decent case for himself.

Having Manny on the Cavs and Quicken Loans in downtown Detroit would seriously compromise my Dan Gilbert shadenfreude.



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Hopefully he can catch on long enough to make that one big payday somewhere.  One solid 2-3 year contract can set a guy up for life.  Manny may not quite have been ready to leave for the NBA, but I guarantee he's a better player than quite a few millionaires that have cashed enormous NBA paychecks.  If Adam Morrison can have a championship ring and a Cribs-worthy house, Manny's got a shot.


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...but what you said here is just not true, unfortunately.

One solid 2-3 year contract can make a kid a lot of money, but these guys are just kids and they want toys. Maybe they make 5-6 million over the course of that contract, subtract half for taxes and agents, then they barely have enough for a big house, a couple of fancy cars and a few hundred k for living expenses.

For the sensible guys, this is fine, and hopefully Manny will be one of the sensible ones. However, the road to that $2M/yr contract is pretty long for an undrafted free agent, the exceptions like that guy from Utah who signed for Portland are far outnumbered by the guys who play for $40k in the D-league and play 10-day or 1year minimum contracts.


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that leave college to go undrafted. What a poor decision. You would think that their advisors would be able to tell them that staying and finishing your degree is only going to benefit themselves in the long run. Was he going to hurt his draft stock by staying? Not sure what chance he has to make the Cleveland roster, but hopefully he can pull through and secure a spot. I think that I saw somewhere that Sims is playing in Europe? Hope both those guys can make it with an NBA team.


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I sure hope Manny catches on and has a long pro career.  As far as the decision goes, I think it may have been a combination of his leaning toward leaving and the program, in effect, saying "go with your gut".  The coaching staff felt that the best thing for the program was to move forward without Manny.  I really hope it works out well for both player and team.


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after junior year is the stock will almost never improve in their senior year.  NBA teams always go for potential over production.  Beside, the guys would rather go undrafted than get drafted in the 2nd round.  You have a much better shot of making the roster as an undrafted FA rather than 2nd rounder because you can pick and choose the team that fits best for you as well as the roster spot competition.  Plus, the player get a one year headstart with earning money.  Even if they play overseas, they still make good money.  They make 6 figures which is a nice income for players.  Do they want to play in the NBA?  Yes, but overseas aren't a bad alternatives.

The program

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Did Manny get any time at point guard I have always felt his best chance in the NBA would be as a point guard.  He was always good about passing the ball and given his lack of size I though he would have a hard time guarding twos.  Either way I wise him the best.