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Michigan's own...Super Mario makes one of the greatest catches in Super Bowl History. This thread is dedicated to him and his accomplishments. Building his own legacy and adding to the accolades of the All Time Michigan Greats at WR.

Congrats Mario



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I don't know what the deal is there.  However I think that was a canned intro NBC has been using all season - I don't think it was done for the Super Bowl.  The Dave Diehl/Chief Illini thing is also a repeat so I'm hoping Manningham only did it once


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Was wrong on that.  Mario left plenty of cushion between the sideline on that, and Eli just threw it a tad to the right.  Neither is really at fault, maybe Eli, but Manningham ran a good route there.  Collinsworth can eat it.  He provides some good insight into the game, but more often spews out verbal diarrhea throughout a game.  My humble opinion.


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I agree, his call that Mraio has poor fade routes is bull.  Mario missed that first sideline pass by six inches.  Bad fade running my ass, Collinsworth is bad but at least it wasn't Aikman or Buck.  They are almost unwatchable.  Loved it that that Mario made that catch.  Michigan and the Giants baby!

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Congrats to Mario!

As an Eagles fan I can't stand the Giants. Can't believe it, Brady's recievers lost him that game. If Gronk's ankle isn't messed up maybe he has the leap power to get to that ball....


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Maybe he lists his high school because it's the last school he graduated from?

Or maybe, Braylon Edwards was his idol while at Michigan, and he lists his high school to be different, like when Edwards would say, "Lloyd Carr's University of Michigan"

I don't approve of him not saying Michigan.  Let's get him on the board to explain himself.


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and i thin L Woodley, did too, but not 100% on that - am 100% that Harris gave a shout-out to his High School.

Still can't believe Pats lost. Hopefully this pushes Tom and the team to push themselves harder to be in the same place next year - whos' in the AFC, really?

Steelers - tough, but not insurmountable

Ravens - D is tough, but aging, and Flacco is flaccid

Texans - Tough but but beatable

Bengals - Wild card, but Pats can beat them

Jets and Bufffalos - Nope, Sanchez is a joke and Buffalos aren't complete



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Big congrats to Mario, but I'm not sure I would call that one of the greatest catches of super bowl history... Tyree's from 4 years ago and, though I hate to admit it, Holmes' in the steelers second super bowl were probably better.

Mad props to Mario nonetheless for an incredible catch


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sorry if this is getting off-topic, but I had to look up Tom & Gisele's net worth.  I was surprised to  see that Gisele comes out on top:

Net worth Gisele Bundchen: $150M

Net worth Tom Brady: $100M

(maybe he can catch up if she stops working & he plays as long as Favre) 


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a great catch but every bounce (fumble), went NY's way and then all of Bradys receivers developed stone hands. I only root for New England and my Browns....randy has a sad....