Manningham out with a concussion

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Wide receiver Mario Manningham was a surprise addition to the New York Giants' injury report on Wednesday. According to the team, the wide receiver has a concussion.

Head coach Tom Coughlin said Manningham will not practice and will undergo further testing to gauge his availability. Manningham underwent a test Wednesday morning before he was held out of practice.

That's disappointing to hear. He seems ready to have a breakout season in NY. Here's to hoping for a speedy recovery and a solid season/career.



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Fantasy season already started out bad enough... Now this... I feel like a CUBS fan during fantasy season. High asperations and then 1/3 of the way in... "There's always next year"

Not meant to be a poke at Cubs fans, just bummed.


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I don't know if it is because they are being diagnosed more, because of the media attention surrounding head injuries, or both, but it sure seems like a lot of football players the last two years are suffering concussions.


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There's definitely a lot more attention surrounding football players (and even hockey players) now with the recent studies linking long-term side effects (like depression, suicide, etc.) to concussions. I think we're beginning to see teams (and players) view these things much more seriously. I'm guessing the actual number of concussions hasn't changed much over the last 20 years (I'd be willing to postulate that the number has actually gone down, with the advances in helmet safety, refs enforcing helmet-to-helmet penalties, etc.), it's just that people are paying more attention and showing more concern toward them, and subsequently reporting them more, now.


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Damn.  I should have known better than to draft an almost all Michigan fantasy football team.  I thought that once the players graduated, they were from from the clutches of the various Angry Michigan _____ Hating Dieties. 

My team:

QB:  Tom Brady  - Almost taken out in a car accident before the opening game.  Good thing that Tom Brady's power is greater than that of the Angry Michigan Hating Gods.

WR - Braylon (DUI, but he still put up big numbers last week), Breaston (out 6-7 weeks with a knee injury) and Manningham (concussion). 

RB - not many Michigan options here, so I went with MoJoDrew, Peirre Thomas and LaSean McCoy

K - Feely (look out man, the Angry Michigan Hating Gods are after you and your golden leg)

Defense - GB (Woodson, who much like Brady, is immune to the powers of the Angry Michigan Hating Gods)



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Aw, come on.  Why can't that big baby play?  He just got his bell rung, is all.  I bet you can't even see a concussion on an X-ray.  You know that  [old player] would never have sat out a game with a concussion. 

/dumb 1950s mentality that too many people in football still have