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I am actively rooting for a Rodriguez return in 2011. However, being a realistic fella, I understand that this mightn't happen (/"duh").

Aside from the inevitable media-driven-Harbaugh!-ness of the weeks immediately post-Rodriguez, how does the Mgocommunity feel about Malzahn? Watching Auburn play and watching multiple camera shots of the sideline, one gets the inclination that Malzahn is running that show. To be sure, he will be a hot commodity either this season or next, and I imagine he'll sooner stick with Newton than abandon Auburn for anything other than a head coaching gig.

Odds are he'd do as well at keeping Denard in Maize and Blue as anyone (other than Rodriguez); so, how do you feel about Brandon--hypothetically--giving him a good, long look?


Wolverine In Exile

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he was also presiding over one of the great meltdowns / quasi-scandals in SEC history (which is saying something) with the whole Arkansas mafia incidents in the mid to late 2000's that landed Mustain at USC, Houston Nutt at Ole Miss, and Arkansas gutted  until Petrino had a chance to build things back up. I'll pass on Malzahn.


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I agree about passing on Malzahn but take it from someone who lives 45 minutes away from Fayetteville, that was all about Nutt. Nutt pissed off Mustain, and took more and more power out of Malzahn's hands every game until by the end of the year the "Malzahn offense" was nothng more than the Houston Nutt show (which was really not an interesting show to watch).


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I don't mind Harbaugh being the front-runner, and I don't necessarily think Malzahn deserves the job, but I think the non-RR/non-Harbaugh conversation deserves to remain open. Sure, it's annoying, and, sure, I can self-deprecatingly admit that I'm contributing as much. But this is the state of our program: The state of uncertainty.

Moving on, it's silly to say that a program like Michigan needs to hire a "big name" or "proven name" despite the fact that prior to Rodriguez, Michigan hadn't hired a "big name" since before the hiring of Schembechler. And that seemed to work for us rather well. And, detest his success though we may, ugh, Tressel (?).

Michigan just needs a strong leader, teacher, and coaching staff organizer. With these things in spades, the "size" of the coach's name becomes immediately immaterial.


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Of course. But making my pick and talking about the pick Dave Brandon might make are wholly separate things. I choose RR. DB may not. And we may, because of that aforementioned "may", talk about this ad nauseum without enterring into realms that are fruitless or hypocritical or ironic or contradictory or anything-else-that-is-anything-except-lame-but-inevitable.


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I flat out don't want someone other than RichRod or Harbaugh next year.

We have something in RichRod that might be really good.  Under RichRod (and then Bill "Bobby Williams" Stewart), West Virginia knocked of Top 5 competition in Georgia and Oklahoma in BCS bowls.  And we've seen the potential that RichROd has created with DRob.  Of course, we've got to fix the D, but that can be done with a new coordinator.  RichRod brings something to the table that is hard to find.

On the other hand, if you think Harbaugh is Sparky Anderson, and now is your one and only chance to get him, then I can understand that.  Sometimes good managers like Les Moss get replaced because someone else is thought to be better.  It happens all the time in sports.

But I think it would be foolish to throw the option on the "might be really good" away for this year's "one of the top up-and-comers".  "One of the top up-and-comers" will be available next year.

To me, it's either RichRod or Harbaugh (or a big surprise Gruden-like candidate). Not a "prospect".


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back next season, but if DB wants to go in another direction i hope he hires someone that will run the spread. So no i don't not want Jimmy to come home!


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The absolute last thing that I want DB to do is to fire an established coach with a track record of success (albeit at other schools) that has improved the team (albeit slowly) for a relatively untested coordinator-- especially an offensive coordinator. 

Malzahn has undoubtedly done a great job at Auburn and he also did some nice work at Arkansas and Tulsa, but what has he done that would make anyone think that he would do a better job than Rodriguez as a head coach?   What would he do to fix the two biggest problems on the team defense and special teams?   What would he do with recruiting?   The one thing that we do know about him is that he would likely know how to run a good offense-- which is the one area where we seem to be doing well.   

If we are going to fire Rodriguez (and for full disclosure, I think that would be a bad idea), I would hope that we would be able to bring in someone that is a clear upgrade.   For me, that's someone that's been a successful coach at the highest level, not a coordinator that was fired from one BCS coordinator job and has all of two years of OC experience at another BCS school.  

I suppose that Harbaugh fits the bill of a successful BCS coach, but I do wonder if he had QBed for Iowa or Notre Dame instead of one of the more memorable M teams of the last 30 years if there would be as much support for him as there appears to be from certain segments of this board.

As for hiring Malzahn or another coordinator (even one that more established like Wil Muschamp or a great defensive coordinator like Kirby Smart), I would be highly unimpressed.   But of course, I don't have a vote, so we'll see what happens.


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If you wanted to bring in Malzahn, then why would you fire Rodriguez who is considered by everyone (even by guys like Urban Meyer) to be the godfather of the spread and a genius about understanding its execution?

The program

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If you were going to hire Gus why not keep Rich they run the same style neither have defensive back grounds but RIch has won as a head coach at the college level so why would you hire an unproven coach after getting rid of a proven head coach with the same style


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won't have contract money to play with at Michigan like they do over at Auburn. I suppose it would be funny if Dee Hart called Saban after the bowl game and said "I'm sorry, the money... it's just too much!" if Malzahan got the job... but yeah, not worth it.


I'm cool with the coach we have now, thanks.

Steve in PA

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If DB decides to change coaches, I'd rather he not get the hot new guy with a history of awesome offense next time.  To me this is just the same as chasing hot stocks which can make you broke very quick.




But, what I think doesn't matter...that's all.


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Malzahn is a really good OC but is completely unproven about his ability to hire a staff and call the shots from start to end. Whether you are a RR supporter or hater I don't see how you can think that Malzahn would be the better choice. RR's insistance on running the 3-3-5 IMHO was the downfall of the D this year, but he at least sticks to it becasue it worked in WV. Malzahn only knows what worked for him at the high school level. RR has proven that he can win in the Bg East, Harbaugh has proven that he can do more with less, Malzahn has only proven that he can do more with more. My guess is that Malzahn will start out with a head coaching job somewhere small like a low level MAC team before he gets to go somewhere big. I think Charlie Weiss should prove the logic in that.