Mallory likely to be DB Coach

Submitted by Michigania on February 3rd, 2011 at 11:33 AM

This is great news...

Me and Curt started at M together in 1988 and were friends though I lost touch with him in 1996 or so.

Some background on Curt.... he was my size or so at 5"10 and word is from anyone on the team who played with him that he was, pound for pound, the toughest player on the team (again, pound for pound).  He played LB and was a terror on special teams...and to play LB at his size was very impressive.

Anyway, this is a great addition. 


Indiana Blue

February 3rd, 2011 at 11:42 AM ^

good choices (at this point) but even better that the coaching staffs are all full !  The planning for spring practice can now fully begin.  

I am hopeful that the Spring Game tradition that had just begun will continue.  Hey, maybe the weather will actually cooperate !   Pretty bad when the Big Chill weather was better than last year's spring game !

Go Blue !

True Blue Grit

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Welcome back Curt!  I remember when he played.  Like Michigania says - very tough.  I think he had a younger brother (Doug?) who played DB a few years later.  Also, his father (Bill) was the former IU coach - so coaching is in his blood. 


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I believe Mike was the eldest brother and the pick of the litter as far as football players go.  He was a captain of the great 1985 defense.  He was also  All Big-Ten and a Butkus finalist.  I know he coached DBs and was the DC at Illinois for a while in the early 2000s, and I looked the other day and saw he has some screwy title like Assistant Special Teams coach for the Saints, so I thought he might have been the Mallory we were targeting for our DB coach.

The Mallorys are certainly Michigan Men for those who care about that, and they're also a coaching family, so getting any of them seems like a reasonable hire.  (I'm actually fairly certain Curt, Doug, and Mike have all coached DBs at some point in their coaching career).


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Resident MGo feminist here: I know you're kidding but really has a woman ever played for the UM Football team? On the flip side, I'm pretty sure we've had some men of color play in this program once or twice. I don't think it'd be horrible to have a more diverse staff if there are arguably (more) qualified guys out there for the position (coughCornflakescough). I guess we'll see how big of a deal this is sooner or later. 


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That this guy has been a failure everywhere he's gone. What makes him qualified for this job? Before you neg me, do a little research on this guy. His defense at Akron was miserably bad, and the AD at Illinois, forced Ron Zook to fire him. I just don't get this hire, but hopefully I'm wrong.


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2000-Ball State DB: Pass Def: 31st, Total Def: 62nd, Scoring Def: 89th

2001-Central Michigan DB: Pass Def: 75th, Total Def: 96th, Scoring Def: 87th

2002-Indiana DB: Pass Def: 33rd, Total Def: 101st, Scoring Def: 109th

2003-Indiana DB: Pass Def: 81st, Total Def: 94th, Scoring Def: 94th

2004-Indiana DB: Pass Def: 102nd, Total Def: 110th, Scoring Def: 88th

2005-Illinois DB: Pass Def: 76th, Total Def: 115th, Scoring Def: 115th

2006-Illinois DB: Pass Def: 31st, Total Def: 33rd, Scoring Def: 91st

2007-Illinois DB/Co-DC: Pass Def: 83rd, Total Def: 55th, Scoring Def: 26th

2008-Illinois DB/Co-DC: Pass Def: 49th, Total Def: 56th, Scoring Def: 67th

2009-Illinois DB/Co-DC: Pass Def: 100th, Total Def: 91st, Scoring Def: 96th

2010-Akron DC: Pass Def: 113th, Total Def: 99th, Scoring Def: 106th

So what does it mean? Yeah, I kind of agree with you based on this. He's coached on some genuinely bad teams but even if you look at the couple years at Illinois where they were good, the numbers still aren't great.


February 3rd, 2011 at 7:14 PM ^

As you mentioned, he has coached on some bad teams. But what did he really have to work with on those teams? Yes, I know Vontae Davis was there for a bit, but it isn't like Ball State, Indiana, Illinois, and Akron were exactly known for great defensive players..


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No offense to the OP or Mr. Mallory ...

* This reeks a little too much of Michigan Man inbreeding.  Is he really the best they can do for that job?  Do not want.

* Curt Mallory was the Zach Boren of his time.  His brothers (to varying degrees) were probably Michigan-worthy, but Curt was a bit more of a legacy scholarship (in the days when those things were a reality, a la Jason Carr).

Aside: My memories of Doug Mallory mostly involve him being in the right place at the right time (good coaching, smart player, etc.) and then swatting futilely at the ball when his physical ability (somewhat limited) couldn't get him _exactly_ where he needed to be.


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He was the best Michigan could do? Not trying to judge solely by the numbers but they're not  impressive whatsoever. Seems like a Michigan man hiring. 


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The stats that wlubd posted aren't exactly reassuring.

If this comes to pass, it further solidifies the restoration of the Bo/Mo/Carr monarchial line.


February 3rd, 2011 at 5:49 PM ^

Screw the stats. If he's doing something wrong, Mattison will straighten it out. There isn't danger of a GERG telling Gibson how to run a defense he doesn't know anything about. Hopefully in the case of this and the Montgomery hire, the old hands on this staff will be developing coaches as well as players.


February 3rd, 2011 at 6:30 PM ^

That is true, but Michigan fans have LOOOOOONG overrated the impact of position coaches. We are always looking for someone to deify or lynch for what we see on the team. This is the place where an S&C coach became a loathed figure and another become a rock star. A freaking S&C coach.

Unfortunately, we are just a very weird fanbase (at least on the internet) who has more know-it-alls than usual in it.


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"Mallory coached defensive backs and linebackers at Ball State from 1995-2000 and worked under Hoke when he was head coach there."

Hoke didn't begin his HC career at Ball State until 2003, so it's hard to see how Mallory worked under him at BSU.