Malik names a top group devoid of Michigan.

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Just saw on the FSU rivals page that Malik named a group of 6 teams including FSU, Bama and MSU as his focus group. I think Michigan has really slid in his recruitment and this had a Diamond...Treadwell feel to it all along. Not saying its over....but Michigan is definitely on the backburner. Malik's dad is apparently a big FSU fan. Brady will need to pull some magic here.



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OSU has been to 10 of 12 BCS bowls, the only 2 missed were due to probabation and Fickell.  MSU has had 3 seasons out of 4 of 11 wins or more, something UM has never done (yes there are more games nowadays but its been a long time since UM won 10 games 3 out of 4 years if you want to adjust), and is playing in the 2nd best bowl game this year (#4 v #5) after a great performance versus said team which has been to 10 of 12 BCS games.An

And then you have UM with the all time winning %...err ok, well all time wins.  And his parents like it.  And its defense just looked like swiss cheese vs OSU and KSU.  I mean this should not be a question anymore if you are a defensive player.  If a kid wants tradition AND winning you go to OSU in the Midwest.  If you dont care so much about tradition and you see a staff that takes a bunch of 2-3 star talent and turns it into NFL stock you take a close look at MSU.  An annual top 10 defense now now that Dantonio has had time to build his program.  If you care about what happened in 1938 or 1986 you look at UM.

Mattison had a window of opportunity with "come with me and Suggs, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed etc"...and Hoke had a window of opportunity post 2011 Sugar saying we are a year or two away to be OSU level...we need you to help us there.  But now as we move further away from the Mattison NFL years and the 2011 BCS bowl glow and replace that with the on field results the past 2 years, this will happen.

I think the real damage is in the 2015 class because there is no way to now which kids who would once consider UM now will not, and which kids who would have had UM in a top 3, now just throw them in the top 10 because hey its Michigan and my dad said they used to be good and they have cool helmets.

Longer term the RR/Hoke era probably is going to do even more damage if things dont turn around quickly as many teens now dont remember a "very good" UM program - one year like 2011 doesnt change perception.

UM still is getting a lot of good kids and I guess the staff needs to do what every other staff does - you know, develop them.  Build a team from the ground up, and not insert 4-5 stars everywhere and clap your hands and expect it all to just happen.  I am not saying they are not working hard but apparently something is amiss since we are not seeing results on the field.  And dont blame youth - the team was not "young" in November and was horrid on offense a few games and then horrid on defense the last 2.  Not bad, horrid.  That is coaching.


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I largely agree, though I'll take issue with dismissing the "youth" argument because they played a bunch of games.  Lots of those kids playing on defense had only played for part of the year because they were true freshmen and those guys have to earn playing time.  And at the same time, they are playing against significantly older players - OSU had a very old and experienced offense, and KSU imports so many JuCos that there is a significant age difference in addition to skill.  Players don't usually improve more than incrementally during the year, but in the off-season I expect we'll hear about all of these first and second-year players making far greater strides.

It is true that Michigan has lost some luster, but it was still one really "down" year after two decent seasons.  11-2 in 2011 was a bit of a mirage, but 8-5 last year came against three teams that lost a total of one game between them (and that was Alabama beating ND in the MNC), a last-second loss in a bowl game to a top-10 USC squad, and at Nebraska after Denard went down (UM was very much in that game before it happened).  I wouldn't be surprised if this season is treated as the anomaly, and next year the squad bounces back to 9-10 wins, which has been the general pattern for UM for the past 10-15 years.  

OSU will always have more resources because of their recruiting footprint, storied history, and lax enforcement policies.  And maybe MSU is a sleeping giant of sorts awoken by Dantonio (though, again, "player development" of 2 and 3-star kids is usually not sustainable at this level.  Look at Iowa for a better example), but I still think UM is a destination school for good kids who also favor an elite education and all of the ancillary benefits that come from the program.  Maybe it means UM will struggle to get some kids, but a couple of down years aren't going to change the academic rankings, the history, and (one hopes) NFL prospects for elite kids.  

I Like Burgers

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Its been almost a decade since Michigan could be considered elite.  They've had one decent year in 2011 when they won 11, and the rest of the seasons have been what any other top program would consider terrible -- 7/8/9 wins.

And they are at least a couple of years away from being able to be considered elite since you've got to string together a bunch of 10 win seasons or championship games appearances to get to that level.  And it sure as hell ain't gonna start next season.

Like I said above, its sad.


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And dont blame youth - the team was not "young" in November and was horrid on offense a few games and then horrid on defense the last 2.  Not bad, horrid.  That is coaching.

Well, because you said so. Srsly.

Is it really just coaching though?

You talk about Dantonio "building" the Sparty program but you don't acknowledge that upper class depth matters. Would have been nice to have introduced RS seniors Vlad Emelien, Isiah Bell, Anthony LoLota and Adrian Witty on Senior Day before the Ohio game. Would have been nice to have Cullen Christian, Demar Dorsey, Carvin Johnson, Davion Rogers, Ray Vinopal and Ken Wilkins on the field...

Plainly, this is a young team and, unlike your cited Mark Dantonio, Hoke has not had time to "build his program" as you discuss.  As is clear above Michigan also been devoid of upper class depth and it absolutely impacts the defense.

You say "build a team from the ground up" and Michigan's recruiting is doing that (Pipkins, Taco last year, Mone etc.) but this takes time regardless of "stars". 

The lack of upper class depth is the telling factor on defense. 


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And dont blame youth - the team was not "young" in November...

There's an element of truth to this but the flipside is a lot of these first year players are getting mentally and physically worn down toward the end of the season, so you can see inconsistency and even regression.  You can make a case for a quantum leap forward next year when all these new guys have had a chance to stop and process everything.

Trying to stay positive.


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Malik is not coming. Those that still have hope are kidding themselves. Guys like him with this type of protracted recruitment don't seem to work out for us. If he's looking at osu, FSU, Bama he's not coming. Now I hope I'm wrong but save yourselves the trouble and consider him not part of our class and you'll be happier for it.


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I saw this artice yesterday, wanted to make a thread about it before I realized im not in the illuminati yet.


He's saying the same things he's been saying. He has a top 7, Michigan is in it. I, like a lot of others in here, isn't confident in him ending up in AA. But that's not because of anything he's said, but he hasn't said anything. He's keeping everything close to the vest, and has said he's waiting until Signing Day to announce.


If I had to read inbetween the lines, it actually sounds like he would rather stay in the midwest. Sounds like he's just visiting the southern schools just to see whats out there. Sorta feels like a MSU/OSU battle for him, but again, thats just a gut feeling.


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Develop talent like that douche Dantonio does and who cares about high profile recruits. We have hoped Hoke would use these big name boys to turn Michigan into something it hasn't been in almost twenty years. If he can coach kids up, all will be fine. The small pool of evidence if full of shitballs and cat urine, unfortunately.


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That ship has sailed a long time ago, so not a huge deal.

That said, anonymous postings on other message boards doesn't give me a great sense either.  Hoke has done a good enough job recruiting that I'm not bothered if he misses out on a kid who never seemed inclined to sign at UM.


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I think referencing OSU as "Ohio" is barely acceptable but now "Staee" for MSU, that's ridiculous. In terms of McDowell,!

Mr. Yost

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If we don't end up with Damien Harris, George Campbell, Da'Shawn Hand OR Malik McDowell, that will be a HUGE fail on behalf of this staff.

Until we get some F-ING LIFE in this program it isn't going to change.

This staff will be able to recruit all the rich and/or catholic school kids they want. They're never going to have trouble with those guys. But if we're looking to get city kids, we need some modernation, innovation, youth, and excitement on this staff.

It can even be a position coach. But gone are the days were Fred Jackson is "in touch" with anything. It's time to go. Same for Borges and Ferrigno.

Get some guys who can coach AND are in touch with today's generation. Mix them in with your Hoke, Mattison's, etc. Diversity isn't just in race.


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If we've learned anything the last 2-3 years is ratings matter very little.  With as many problems as we have with this coaching staff, my days of sweating individual recruits are over.


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It would be great if he chose Michigan, but if not so be it. I love to get the top in-state recruits, but you can't always get all of them. 


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Are a joke with a second rate coach. We have become michigan state. Graduated in 86 when we mattered by the way. Embarrassed by my alma mater!!! We are the Detroit lions of colleges. Deal with it people!!


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Michigan is a laughingstock now, and top recruits don't go to laughingstock programs. Unless/until this staff shows that it can compete at the highest level, develop talent, and stop being a laughingstock, it will continue the recent trend of whiffing on top talent.  Then Michigan will have to start developing 3 star and below talent like MSU, and I have zero faith they can do that.  

Don't be shocked when Jabrill Peppers decommits.


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Ole Miss isn't a laughingstock.  It's mediocre.  There's a big difference.

As for Michigan, it's not about the games they lost- and some they won- it's how they did it which caused Michigan to become a laughingstock this year.

Last second miracle finishes against Akron and Uconn are a joke.

Not belonging on the same field with MSU is a joke.  MSU was clearly the better team, but they embarrassed Michigan.  They literally should have not been on the field with MSU.

The Iowa and Nebraska games were a joke.

The bowl game was the biggest joke of all.  Apparently no one wanted to be there and they humiliated themselves far more than KSU did.

If you have that many joke games in a year then you become a laughingstock.  Which this program is currently.  Only Hoke and/or Brandon can change that.

Gustavo Fring

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Option A: get pushed into action too early, play too many downs because your offense can't hold onto the ball, develop into a mid-round prospect on a bunch of 8-4 (or worse teams).

Option B: be part of a kickass defense, see the field early, often, and make an impact, end up a 1st round pick, and annually contend for National, Big Ten, and Rose Bowl championships.

Why in God's name would McDowell pick Michigan over MSU at this point?  We are simply a pathetic program


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It doesnt help Michigan's chances when a Michigan fan just tweeted to Damien Harris with the following:

@TheeCamyon: @Damien_D1Harris hey bruh, how bout you not be a George Campbell groupie and do what he does #goblue if you leave #fuckyou=


Harris replied to him making the guy look like an idiot. I couldnt see the tweet at first as I already had the guy (@TheeCamyon) blocked for some reason as he must have done something like this before.