Malik names a top group devoid of Michigan.

Submitted by MichiganMan14 on January 1st, 2014 at 4:25 PM
Just saw on the FSU rivals page that Malik named a group of 6 teams including FSU, Bama and MSU as his focus group. I think Michigan has really slid in his recruitment and this had a Diamond...Treadwell feel to it all along. Not saying its over....but Michigan is definitely on the backburner. Malik's dad is apparently a big FSU fan. Brady will need to pull some magic here.


Puget Sound Blue

January 1st, 2014 at 5:46 PM ^

Develop talent and it doesn't matter.

Yeah, recruiting matters, but sometimes even top recruits don't pan out the way you hoped they would. And when you don't get the top recruit, you do better with the recruits you did get.


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The "value of an UM diploma" doesn't simply mean earning power in his 30s and 40s - it also relates to the quality of education (experiences, professors, other students) that make UM significantly better than MSU and most of his other choices.

As an alum, I'm biased by my experience and extensive facts.

Regardless, hope they make the right choice for the long-term.


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I think you are correct, when was the last time this sphinx of a recruit gave us any promising signs? I think we just assumed since we had momentum this summer...momentum is now gone bye bye.


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Malik said he had a top 7, then only listed 6 teams. I don't think he was saying that he had officially eliminated Michigan...I guess take it fwiw that Michigan is the team he forgot.

The Pope

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Hurts to miss out on 2 of the top 3 in state guys, but this is a great class. Wonder who Brady and the crew go after for that spot in the class.


January 2nd, 2014 at 10:24 AM ^

Honestly, Hoke didn't have a huge amount of top level schools to beat out. By that point, most of the big time offers Green had at the beginning weren't really chasing him any more. Bama, Oklahoma, and OSU already had filled up at RB. Green waited too long. Not trying to discount him as a player, but his field of sutiors had dropped off considerably by December last year.


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I've never felt like Malik would end up at Michigan.  I would love it if Malik played for Michigan, but I just felt like he's been looking for reasons not to go blue.  He could really be a BIG help to the D-Line, and probably have a good chance at early playing time.


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This really isn't shocking news. If anybody has been reading the signs or, like Brandon Brown says, the lack thereof. Those are three really good options for a high school football player to choose from. Moving on.


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Really strange recruitment... First he claims he's ready to commit to Michigan.  Then his parents make him wait.  Then his parents love Michigan, but he no longer likes Michigan...  


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not too strange, hes been tight lipped the whole time.  as an 18 yr old he has the size and athletic ability to project as nfl caliber player - whether he gets there or not , only future will tell.  but if hes looking to develop into an NFL DE or DT while also winning some games why would michigan lead his recruitment?  he could be the biggest UM fan in the world but the product on the field and recent trending speak volumes.  his other choices are stable programs that have been winning pretty consistently for past 5-10 yrs and trending upwards while developing talent and sending multiple DL to NFL.  UM is a great place, no denying it, but theyre relying on history and tradition and will continue to do so as theyve been doing since approx 2005 until they compete with big boys on the field in consecutive seasons.  and while hoke has given these current high school kids plenty of reasons to look at UM, hes given them more reasons to hesitate and look elsewhere due to repeated poor performances on the field.  just an unfortunate fact.  id probably go elsewhere if i mcdowell and i had visions of both winning big bowl games and developing into top draft pick.  maybe hoke rights the ship, maybe not, but the school gave him 4-5 years to do so and theyll let it play out....but as far as signing with proven commodities right now, UM falls tier below fsu and osu and other programs that have been getting it done


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Yall really need to understand just how much that "he grew up a _______ fan" shit doesn't matter with these kids when it comes to them picking which program is best suited to put them in the position to make millions.


The same with kids who say they "academics" are a priority when picking a college (a la D. Hand). Not to say it isn't a factor at all, but the vast majority of that talk is honestly just lip-service. These kids wanna develop into pros & win games, usually in that order. Hoke & Co isn't doing that at the level these recruits desire right now.


January 1st, 2014 at 5:45 PM ^

There is a distinct difference between being a life long program/ school fan and being "interested in academics."

The academics reason is typically superficial and even when it does matter it usually is not "the" only reason.

A life long fan should make you hard to beat. More importantly your scheme argument is bogus and is just cover for your program cynicism. The cynicism is fine with me bad the bad just well off. Kids a five star rb, applying to his dream school, loaded with 4 and 5 star rb prospects, with a coaching staff committed to the run to the point of insane stubbornness.

Losing is clearly the biggest problem in recruiting top talent, not scheme or anything else.