Malik McDowell trending toward MSU

Submitted by Allin4Blue on December 29th, 2013 at 5:14 PM
Steve Wiltfong--
Just talked to him at the Army Bowl and I like where the Spartans stand after talking to him.
He also switched his crystal ball pick



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I visit the free boards over there from time to time, and occasionally glean some relevant information or opinion, but I would never consider for a second paying anything for "insider" information that will pretty quickly filter up to the general blogosphere anyhow.

You guys seem to think there is some sort of direct correlation between being a graduate of UM and paying for "insider" information on the Scout or Rivals Michigan site. That's like saying that buying Michigan football tickets automatically means you're a Michigan grad.


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I was so excited with the thought of Hand and McDowell on a line together with Mone.  Oh well, it was fun to think of, even if it was nothing more than early leans.  It's hard to blame a guy for wanting to go to a program that has shown great defenses for quite a few years now. That said, although it doens't look good, I'm not giving up on the idea of him going to UM. Until he signs it's not over.


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Does this surprise anyone?  He's been a "UM lean" long enough that he needs back surgery.  It is a loss if he goes to MSU, but that happens.  MSU is the better team right now, and why wouldn't he want to go there for football?  I do expect this story to change in the coming weeks, though, as both teams put on the full pressure.  Yes, UM played poorly yesterday, but if MSU gets blown off the ball by Stanford, which is a possibility, expect to hear some stories about McDowell reconsidering.

I will say, though, that if the kid wants to play at MSU and only his parents are pointing him toward UM, that isn't going to end well if the winds up in A2.


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Wonder if DB is going to start writing blog posts for prospects now. If we don't do anything in the offseason we'd better have a dang good season next year. No excuses next year.

Wow what a difference a few months makes. I remember Brian's rows of teeth post. That one seems like a million years ago.


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And why wouldn't he be?  We just got blown out by a middling KSU team and MSU has had their 3rd 11+ win season in the past 4, won 5 of the last 6 over us, and is playing for their 13th win in the 100th edition of the Rose Bowl.

We are a tire fire, they are not.

I was so elated with the team after the Notre Dame game, brimming with confidence, and the latter half of the season was an absolute nightmare.

Perkis-Size Me

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Why wouldn't McDowell be considering them over us? They're fielding top defenses, they're winning, have beaten the crap out of us 5 of the last 6 years, have their third 11 win season in four years, and are playing in the Rose Bowl after beating the Almighty Meyer.

We, on the other hand, are a tire fire right now. Our defense can't stop a nosebleed, can't get any pass rush on any opponent, whether its Akron or OSU, and we're a middling program at best that just knows how to recruit well. That's about the last pillar we have left to stand on.


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Well, I guess we are about to see Hoke & company's true ability to sell the program.  Two ways for Malik to look at things--go with a current winning program and be brought up through the system, or potentially get early playing time and be instrumental in building a great team.  Of course he could ditch the Big Ten all together and go SEC. 


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Check the 247 site and the most recent 11 predictions are all for MSU, that's what they mean by trending.  He's at the UA All American game, must be talking.

I had written him off a while ago, then a week or so ago it came out that his mom now wants him to go to MSU and Malik appears to favor MSU now.  Sucks to lose him, but royally sucks if we lose him to MSU.  And we can only pray that his teammate, Lawrence Marshall doesn't follow him.

I can't even remember anymore, but somehow I would be less upset if h went to OSU than MSU.  If MSU becomes a better school at recruiting we could be in more troublae than we already are.


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Why even waste your time freaking out? The kid hasn't committed anywhere yet. Until he says he's going to MSU everyone needs to chill the F out. And why is it if a kid takes his time to decide he is suddenly not going to Michigan?! Recruiting is different for each player.