Malik McDowell trending toward MSU

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Steve Wiltfong--
Just talked to him at the Army Bowl and I like where the Spartans stand after talking to him.
He also switched his crystal ball pick



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Can't blame the kid for wanting to go to a dominate football program with proven coaches. Michigan is now a second tier Big Ten team with very little proof the coaches develop players for the NFL. It's incredibly painful to admit that Michigan is irrelevant in college football.


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Can we start banning people that have decided based on one year (where they avoided playing the top 2 teams in the conference in the regular season) that MSU is know some national power?  I really doubt Texas or Oklahoma freak out this much about Baylor.  I also doubt that USC fans think that UCLA has become unbeatable because of a couple of good years.



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No one said they were. The point is that MSU is a better program led by a high quality coach. And guess what? They are. 

I don't know if either is a "national power", but I'm pretty sure if we won 11 games three out of four years, we would consider ourselves one. Maybe they aren't a prestige program like Michigan is (was?), but they are certainly better than us right now and its looking less and less like a fluke. 

Your other arguments are deranged. UCLA hasn't achieved anything close to what MSU has the last 4 years. MSU beat the top team in the conference by 10 points. Baylor hasn't come close to MSU. 

But you can go on pretending that three 11 win seasons in four years is just "one year". That's cool. 


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What exactly was difficult about michigans schedule this year? The only truly hard game we had was at msu.  The didn't have to play osu in the regular is bull crap since they dominated them at a neutral site when we lost at home.  Taking advantage of a weaker schedule is what good teams do, see florida state.  Our schedule was charmin soft this year too because the big ten is a steaming pile of crap, you can't use that as a reason that michigan is in a better spot than msu going into next year.


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MSU has benefited from in state recruiting that has led them to a senior laden team this year.  Why?  Rich Rodriguez.  That has since ended.  MSU fans are terrified of our recruiting, and their inability to compete with Michigan.

Narduzzi is a good coach.  Mattison is as well.  Mattison is probably a better coach, frankly.  However, when you're playing with guys that have no experiene in important positions, you look bad.  Michigan looked bad against KSU.  And MSU.  They were in every other game this season (albeit looking bad during most of it).

McDowell may well go to MSU.  I doubt it.  But if he does, that's fine.  Michigan has recruited a very good class this year.  If McDowell is as good as predicted he'll play soon on either team.  If he's not, then he'll play sooner at MSU, most likely, as Michigan has recruited 2 season's worth of very good Defensive Linemen. 

This year is probably, most certainly, the bottom for Michigan.  Look at the depth chart.  The personnel.  The kids that are freshmen and struggling will be better next year.  They will be competing with incoming freshman talented at every position. 

Deranged.  Yes, it's deranged to think that under the circumstances presented that MSU is a better program.  A better team this year.  I'll grant you that.  A better program?  No, and their fans are well aware of it, and embracing their fleeting success while it is here.  Just ask one of them who is honest.


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Dantonio needed this year and pulled it out with an ez schedule. MSU loses 6-7 players off their D and their 3 best o- lineman. I dont want to see them get traction though from this by getting McDowell. In Tressel 1st year Lloyd Carr handed him his future on a platter with the worst called game evet. He was sinking at 6--5 but beat U of M and shortly after winning against us pulled in a top class which had been unraveling. Next year is big on mnay fronts.


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You ARE deranged. Here is the factual evidence.

In your ludicrously lazy claim, you said that "MSU has benefited from in state recruiting that has led them to a senior laden team this year. Why? Rich Rodriguez."

Let's examine that. In-state starters/key contributors on this season's MSU team from the 2009 (fifth year) and 2010 (fourth year) classes. All rankings by Rivals.

-Bennie Fowler. #15 player in the state. 

-Micah Reynolds. #20 player in the state.

-Blake Treadwell. #9 player in the state but father was MSU offensive coordinator.

-Max Bullough. #5 player in the state but comes from a huge Spartan legacy family and likely never looked elsewhere

-Jeremy Langford, #18 player in the state

-Tony Lippett, #18 player in the state

The only other one is Mike Sadler, who hardly counts given that he is a punter and Michigan got the more highly rated Will Hagerup that same season. So you have two top ten in-state recruits who were always going to MSU and four sleepers who outperformed their recruiting rankings. Care to apologize for this ignorance, ya fat bastard?


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Dantonio went 6-7. This is Hoke's third season. UM cratered under RR for a variety of reasons.So it wasn't like Hoke was taking over a strong program. It wasn't. 

Now, having said that, it remains to be seen whether Hoke can take this program to the level it should be at.In no way am I saying that UM will win 11 games three times in four years. I just am pointing out where MSU was in year three of the Dantonio era.


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Serious Question: Are Michigan and MSU football equals when it comes to expectations? Because that is what your entire profile of posting on this site suggests you believe. So maybe that's why you are such an annoying board member: You think that we should be an MSU-type program rather than an OSU-type program. 


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You read into others words what you want. To answer your question: Who cares? Fan expectations mean nothing. You can expect UM to be Alabama for all I care. Do I expect and  hope that UM contends or wins national titles? Yes, but I also recognize that to get to the mountain top some schools cheat. I definitely don't want Michigan to do that. 


My expectation for Michigan is to play tough, fundamental football, and to give 100% every time out. That is my expectation. 


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Right, so you don't get that OSU and MSU are on different levels as programs. OSU would be considered a national program. MSU would be considered a regional program (though who knows, Dantonio could be a good enough coach to make the leap). You're dismissing MSU's failures like they are on the same level as Michigan when it comes to recruiting, resources, prestige, etc. So you think we are a regional program, which means we are unlikely to be the "Leaders and the Best" or anything close to what Bo built. 

So really, you don't even believe what you're typing, you're doing exactly what I said you were doing in the other thread: You're just disagreeing just to disagree, because that's how you're wired. 


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how much you hate to admit it, MSU has a better program right now and a much better coach.  His players develop and produce and his defenses are light years ahead of Michigan's.  Yeah MSU lost 6 games last year, but they won 11 this year and 11 two other times and they compete for the B1G championship almost every year.  Michigan hasn't been remotely close to B1G championship worthy in seven years.

MSU has the best football program in the state at this point whether you want to admit it or not.  If Hoke doesn't make some serious changes and fast, Michigan will be starting a coaching search after next season.  The alumni and donors won't give DB much more rope.

If this was Texas or Alabama, Hoke would be gone already.  DB took a chance on Hoke because of his love for theUniversity and the program.  The problem is, the results point to him not having the coaching ability to go along with it.

We are at year three of RR all over again.  Regardless of the overall records, the end result is about the same.


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you are pathetic. MSU's defense in 2010 and 2011 was nowhere near what it as this year.  Even the top programs in the country can't sustain a defense like MSU has this year. This was a special year for them..this is not all of the sudden what they will be from now on.  And UM will get better, I can guarantee that. How much better? I don't know, but they are young in all the wrong places right now. I suspect there will be a small shakeup in the coaching staff as well. Life goes on.

I don't know why everyone on this site thinks its cool to be an emo pussy these days, but it's fucking annoying.


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Coldwater you are spot on, but our fanbase will continue to say give the coaching staff another year until our football program becomes like our basketball program pre beleine.  The future looks so dark. Which I never understood why did the bball program had to punish itself for 20 years for a something every college does 


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will open DB's eyes that if something drastic is not done soon, UM football will not be the cash cow that it is now.  When those luxury boxes go unfilled, then DB will make changes.

I was part of an alumni group in LA that watched footlball games together and all of the people there were big time donors to the UM.  Attendance was always good, but starting with RR, it started going down. By the time it would get to the OSU game, more than half would stop showing up.

The attendance started picking up in 2011, but from what I have heard this year it was a bad as RR's last year.  Contributions have taken a hit from the group as well.  Money speaks.