Major D-1 University Is About To Be In Hot Water

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I know this is frowned upon but I read a really interesting thread on Rivals and wanted to hear what the board thinks. Apparently a major news source is about to publish a report about a major D-1 school that not many would expect. There are supposed to be names, dates and amounts. It was stated that it close to coming out, maybe before Summer. They have to get all of their facts straight before coming out with it. It's supposed to be a huge news story and sounds like it could absolutely devastate whichever school it is. A lot of people are speculating that it is PSU or ND. If I find anything else out I'll let you know. Let the speculation begin.



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Tutor comes forward and sheds light on how much bullshit is going on there.  Maurice Clarett for one class skips all quizzes, walks out of the midterm, doesn't take the final, and is given an oral exam by the prof and he magically is eligible.

Clarett blows the whistle on fake jobs and free cars.  Other former players confirm what he has said including Drew Carter I believe.  Tressel had already been nailed for the same sort of shenanigans with his quarterback at Youngstown St.

There is no fucking way that Maurice Clarett should have stayed eligible for that season.  The fact that Tressel pulled off keeping that kid eligible for 1 season, and Pryor for 3 just proves to me that the man is in fact a god damned miracle worker.  Literally NOTHING happened to them.  The NCAA sleeps through a bullshit investigation, and then the whole thing just goes away.

I just can't get over it, it's incredible, they should have to forfeit every game of the 2002 season in which they lost to Illinois anyway because that WR has the ball in his hands with a foot in bounds in the endzone.


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I really, really hope it's ND, only because my boss goes on and on about how ND is the only school he can root for because they're the only school that does things "the right way" anymore.  With him, it's particularly insufferable, because he really has no clue about the general goings-on in college football on a year-in/year-out basis.  He's completely clueless about Lou Holtz's NCAA infractions at every stop he's been at.  He was convinced that Urban Meyer would be the next coach at ND when Charlie Weis was fired.  Hell, he asked me this past season, "Whatever happened to that one QB Michigan had, Chad Hanky?  Did Forcier pass him on the depth chart?" 


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Okay, you read in an unspecified thread on Rivals that an unspecified news source is about to break a story that an unspecified D1 school is in trouble.

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Football programs that have been/are said to possibly be facing an NCAA investigation:

1) Texas Tech

2) Florida

3) Tennessee

4) LSU

5) Alabama

6) Auburn

7) Arkansas

8) Jackson State

9) Texas

10) South Carolina

11) Miami

12) Cal

13) North Carolina


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I am not going to say who I hope it is because honestly it doesn't matter. I want whoever is cheating to get caught, whether it be ND or PSU where it might help our recruiting, to Alabama or Auburn to prove (over and over again) what the SEC is willing to do to win or to any other major program that wouldn't have any affect on Michigan at all. IMO its dumb to say who you want it to be because if this story is true and someone is paying money to multiple recruits then I want that team to be caught. All the other teams that we are speculating or saying on here are just as clean as we are so I hope OSU fans aren't "hoping" its us just so they can recruit Michigan easier. No, let whoever is cheating (well okay whoever gets caught and not for over signing) get punished and deserve it for that reason and that reason alone. After we know who it is we can all talk about how it affects Michigan.


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If you thought that tattoogate was a little strange and didn't  quite add up, you are not the only one.  That was the start of something, not the end of something.