Major D-1 University Is About To Be In Hot Water

Submitted by ChrisPerryCarry on February 24th, 2011 at 3:14 PM

I know this is frowned upon but I read a really interesting thread on Rivals and wanted to hear what the board thinks. Apparently a major news source is about to publish a report about a major D-1 school that not many would expect. There are supposed to be names, dates and amounts. It was stated that it close to coming out, maybe before Summer. They have to get all of their facts straight before coming out with it. It's supposed to be a huge news story and sounds like it could absolutely devastate whichever school it is. A lot of people are speculating that it is PSU or ND. If I find anything else out I'll let you know. Let the speculation begin.



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I read the same thing over on Scout. This is really interesting. It was first reported on the Ohio State Scout premium board. It doesn't seem like it would be OSU. It's supposed to blow the lid off of a major program. It has to be football. I was thinking ND. I hate to be like this but I hope it is them or one of the other teams in the midwest that we have to have recruiting battles with. It would get things running much quicker if that were the case.


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Yeah. This is huge news. Whatever school it is will probably end up getting hammered to the point that they won't be relevant for quite some time. This is the most interesting thing I've read on Scout in a long time. It's going to be a B10 team and we can only hope that it's ND (they're not in the B10 but I count them anyway), PSU or MSU. I'd like it to be ND too but MSU would be fun as well.


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Dear God have it be ND. I would like little more than for them to suck forever. More than OSU. I actually respect OSU, maybe it's The Game, maybe it's the big ten, but I at least respect OSU in addition to hating them. With ND, I just hate them. I hope their program suffers.


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Because it hurts everyone in the conference. 

It might be funny to us to see PSU or someone go down, but if this scandal is as big as they're saying, I don't want Michigan's name anywhere near it: I don't want them on highlight tape playing the team, I don't want to hear "as a fellow conference member, University of Michigan's AD Dave Brandon had this to say..."

I would much rather this be Auburn or Alabama and leave them to deal with the wreckage.


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I don't really care about the conference as a whole.  OSU winning the national title in 2002 may have benefitted the conference, but it absolutely sucked for Michigan.  I'm fine with the conference sucking if we're good.  As long as we're a BCS auto-qualifier, it doesn't really matter if we're the #1, #2, #3 or whatever conference.   

If, say, PSU goes down, that would mean the state of Pennsylvania would be wide open in recruiting, and that our games against  them probably become easier.  Those are direct benefits to us.  Alabama or Auburn going down doesn't benefit us at all.  Some other SEC team, that cheats more effectively, will just step in and fill the void.


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I don't see why one program getting in trouble would tarnish the whole conference.  MSU has been hit hard by the NCAA twice (once in the '70s and once in the '90s) and it didn't seem to affect the conference's rep.  And of course OSU has had the Clarett issue and now the tattoo thing.


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There's no way it'll reach that scale.  SMU was on probation six times in 30 years before the NCAA dropped the hammer.  

BTW, MSU's two run-ins were big deals.  They were banned from postseason play for a couple years in the '70s, and vacated their entire 1994 season, followed by four years of scholarship reductions.


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In this day and age, with Cam Newton running around and Lane Kiffen and all that, my bet would be that they bitch slap someone if the facts are there. If they have names and amounts and bank accounts and whatnot, some school is going to face ridiculous penalties because the NCAA wants to show its relevancy, and that school would be an easy target.


February 24th, 2011 at 5:40 PM ^

I think the SMU case just scared every other dirty school back into semi-compliance. We got hammered with the Fab Five for one booster, USC with a couple agents, but I can't think of a systemic paying for recruits scandal since. It might be there, but I can't think of anything comperable since.


February 24th, 2011 at 5:45 PM ^

I don't know.  The pressure to win has only increased since then, so it would stand to reason that the cheating is still going on.  I think schools are just getting more sophisticated about cheating.  They're "outsourcing" it to third parties that are harder to track down (and probably, harder for coaches to control, if they even want to).  


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I understand what you're saying but if it were a team that goes toe to toe with us in recruiting that would help out a lot. Plus that team would be down so we could count on a win more so than before. There are a lot of pros if it were an elite Big Ten team. I agree that it sucks that the SEC schools get away with murder and never get caught, though.