Magical night at the Big House

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I'm sure you don't need anything extra to pump you up for the Mich/ND game this Saturday, but the link above is a pretty good read from ESPN.  Here are a couple quotes:

Brandon: One of the moving parts was the whole Michigan Football Legend ceremony and taking number 21 and putting a patch on it. Junior was going to run out of the locker room with the patch, and we're going to do the video to honor Desmond. I'm standing there and we're playing the video, and I look over at Desmond and there are tears running down his face. I walked to the sideline and the sun was setting and the lights were on and things were starting to twinkle in the stadium and every seat in that stadium was full.


Robinson: I was shocked. I was like, 'We just drove the ball with 30 seconds left.' That's when I jumped into Taylor [Lewan]'s hands and was like, 'Oh my God, this is crazy! This is one of the biggest games, craziest games I've ever played!'


Denard Robinson


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Denard is about 9,000 feet above the earth in that picture.

Just finished reading the linked article by Michael Rothstein.  What an utterly fantastic column.  I'm not so sure that we have always done exactly right by young Mr. Rothstein but really, is there a better daily reporter in college football?  (I am excepting the lovely and talented Angelique Chengelis because I don't rate Rothstein on the "lovely" scale.)

Alexandre DeLarge

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He has been so much better on ESPN than he was for Granted, it helps that he can be more esoteric for his audience at WolverineNation, but someone should show his new writing and old writing side-by-side to as an example for how colorless their style is and how it crushes creativity.



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So Dave Brandon has a heart and isn't just a soulless capitalist? 

Probably just a disguise.  Diversionary tactic to implement some other plan.  Remember how he so graciously "allowed" the band to go to Dallas, before dropping the new uniforms on our heads? 

With some many new patches, we're going to look like a NASCAR pretty darn soon.

Very great picture of Denard Robinson and Lewan.



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Hey, watch it pal.  When Herm was your age, people respected their elders.  Also, when Herm was your age, these fangled talking pictures (or talkies as we called them) were all the rage.  A nickel would get you into a double feature and another nickel would get you some popcorn and saltwater taffy. Those were the days.


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C'mon now.  I said I love Herm above because he's a great contributor (not because I necessarily agree with his views).  Its great to have some blue-blooders here to provide some perspective to all the young bucks.  We should all be so lucky to have grandparents that even know what the internets are, let alone post in discussion boards!



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Its because they hold views like his. It's new, they don't get it, so it's stupid. Sounds alot like all of his posts about UM football. There is a dichotomy amongst older fans. My 76 year old father in law loves the new facets that DB has brought to the program. He does think scheduling the Bama game was a dumb move, but I can see the argument behind that viewpoint. I'll never understand why a grown man cares so much about what a college kid wears to play football.


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Another quote from the article, from a one Jordan Kovacs:

"A noon game, the stands are empty until the game starts. Let's be real."

Kovacs, being fooled by nobody since 1990.


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The Athletic Department should let us drink in the Big House then.  Seriously, there isn't all that much of a reason to show up 30-45 minutes early, there isn't much to watch and chances are you'll start to get hungover sometime during the game.  It wouldn't help me, but it might convince some older students to get to the game and pound some brewskis while watching warmups.


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Oh, another way for Dave Brandon to monetize the program.  Why don't we leave the utter madness of State Street outside the stadium.  Try driving down that street before the game, even early in the morning.  People are drinking and yelling and blaring music; we already have enough of that in the stadium.  If you want to drink and "watch" the game, why don't you just go to a bar?  I've seen students taken out on stretchers, likely from alcohol.


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Probably not an AD call since alcohol is not allowed during any college football games, IIRC.  There was a big discussion about whether alcohol would be served at the CU-Colorado State game when it was moved to Mile High a few years back (since they serve alcohol at the Broncos game) and it was ruled out.  Plus, get high on the environment.  Maybe wait to drink heavily until AFTER the game?  Just a thought.

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Everything about that night was spectacular.  The longggg tailgate, the weather was perfect, the Big House finally lit for football, and do remember football is a 60 minute game (I was still nervous with :02 left on the clock !).   The fact that almost NO ONE left the stadium for at least 30 minutes after the game.  Then on Monday ... finding yourself on FanCam.

Truly incredible venue, tremendous victory ... and made believers out of the Team, the Coaches and the fans.   If you haven't seen the Roadtrip show for the game IT IS MUST SEE ... here's the link  -  

Go Blue!


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and watch them whenever I get some spare "oh well, guess I'll watch something on my iPad" time. I was at the game and walked around (although didn't participate in) all the pandemonium on campus before kickoff. Thanks to the OP for sharing the article, it's fun to also get some more in-depth quotes from the participants (especially ND's). Another nice read from Rittenberg today ...


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I remember seeing a picture of Desmond with tears in his eyes.  I can't remember if it was on the scoreboard or online somewhere the day after.  At any rate, the atmosphere on State St. in mid- to late-afternoon prior to the game was electric.  I don't know if I ever remember the fans being so alive.  There was something in the air, and you could feel it. 

When we sat there as the band came out of the tunnel, followed by the skydivers and their live video feed, it was enough to make any man well up.

The victory was icing on the cake.  I feel so blessed to have been there for that whole experience.

Go Blue!


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the vincent smith TD in the 4th quarter one of the Universtiy suites just picked up and left... since i had nothing to do (work wise) until the game was over i went into the suite to watch the end of the game. next to the suite i was in is the adidas suite and they had a few former players in there that day, when smith scored that TD i looked to my left to what the former players were doing and john wangler was sitting right next to glass, and he and i fist pounded through the glass... /coolstorybro

when roy caught the winning TD people were running down the hall way for the 5th floor suites everyone was high fiving each other... it was such a great night...


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Don't miss:

  • banter between Desmond and Woodson pre-game
  • comments from Chief Marketing Officer Hunter Lochmann!
  • Al says it was better than the SEC
  • Mattison takes responsibility
  • Kelly throws his coaches under the bus
  • wrong formation!



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I get chills just reading this and remembering. What a nice way to fill in the details on what happened that night behind the scenes and on the field.

I'll be going to the ND game this Saturday. While I would love to have the same result, and crush ND's soul, it is significantly different being in South Bend rather than in Michigan Stadium. I can only imagine how wonderful it was to be at the game when our team won last year. While every win is a good win, I think I would especially enjoy attending a win by Michigan in Columbus or East Lansing. If the season goes well, I do hope to also go to the game in Columbus.


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"Also the Stanford one, I remember 'The Play' very, very well. And so you have those thoughts in mind." - Jack Swarbrick, remembering UTL

At least on the Gallon reception, I am pretty sure that the Notre Dame band would have fared just as well in coverage as the backfield on that play, the resulting "illegal participation" call notwithstanding, of course. Is there a play that uses the brass section to defend against the pass?

In all seriousness, that was one of the best game experiences I have ever had, not to mention one of the best complete gameday experiences. I don't think I'll ever forget that game or how it ended.

Thanks for sharing this.

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At least on the Gallon reception, I am pretty sure that the Notre Dame band would have fared just as well in coverage as the backfield on that play, the resulting "illegal participation" call notwithstanding, of course. Is there a play that uses the brass section to defend against the pass? 

Here, at YouTube, is the Notre Dame band in what appears to be a two-deep zone at the end of Denard Robinson's long run (00:30 mark of the video).  It is a bit of a loose two-deep scheme.  Mostly pushing and trashtalking:

 Anybody knoA


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That piece brought back memories of what might have been my single best moment of Michigan football, and there have been many. As so many others have said, that night was electric and the high after that game was something that literally took a couple of days to wear off.  The emotional roller coaster of those last few exchanges were unreal.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have been there for that game.


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seeing Desmond honored was an emotional sight even for me and then the crowded started chanting his name and to see the pride and emotion spill out of his eyes was just unreal. You really saw how much he loves and cares about this university. The game was so epic. it was horrific at first going into halftime and for awhile the student section got really quiet as we all thought "this isn't looking good." But like a classic Michigan ND game the Wolverines roared back and when Robinson hit Gallon for that 2nd to last play I had a feeling it was gonna be Denards time to shine once again. Then with 0:08 to go he hits Roundtree with a pass to the endzone for the TD and Michigan wins. I have never seen such a defecit overcome by victory as much as I saw that game. I was so fortunate to be there on that night and be a part of Michigan Football history. What a night that was.


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I cannot add anymore except that it was the fastest drive home from AA ever, and i'm pretty sure my dad and I did not stop talking about the game until I dropped him off.  Best. Memory. Ever.

Feat of Clay

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For the first half, we were pretty low in the bowl and were sitting behind the Notre Dame band, which sucked.  We were in the midst of a bunch of Med School alumni (it was their reunion weekend), most of them pretty elderly.  My short 12-yr-old son couldn't see for crap, and so he kept hopping up on the bench whenever the crowd stood.  But you know how packed everything is there; inevitably he'd step on someone's scarf or  bump someone's knee, and I was certain he was beginning to annoy the dour-looking old alum he was next to.  I was doing the nervous-mom thing every time he climbed up there, but then the old guy reached over to steady him and said, "He's just fine.  Stand up there and look.  You'll remember this night for the rest of your life."

How propethic THAT was.



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In anticipation of this weekend's game, I was watching highlights of UTL '11.  I can't believe this is the first time I noticed this.  Forgive me if people have pointed this out before.  I guess Charlie just wanted to be back in the Big House so badly he'd do it even if it meant running security during the game.


He makes his appearance at about 11:02, as they're getting closer in on everyone mobbing Tree.  You can't really miss him, he looks elated.

snarling wolverine

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Great recap - brings it all back.  I like that they got both sides to participate.  Interesting that we actually lined up wrong on Smith's TD.  That probably happens a lot in last-minute situations.