Madison, Wisconsin

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With apologies to Wolverine Liberation Army, who I think inspired this take on the men's hoop squad's trip to U-W this weekend, from a historical perspective...

Ah, going to Madison.  Many, many invasions have faltered in Madison. You march your troops in, replete with immense talent and high-tech weaponry, sure that these clueless clowns can't possibly stop you.  You ignore the screaming rubes who shout vile things at you and your team - you're above them, you're gentlemen.  The commanding officer appears at least mildly drunk, and seems to be in the process of getting much moreso. The other team's weapons are dull, and blunt, and look to be from about 1953 (or 1795 or 1932).

And then, suddenly, you notice that, well shucks, your column is somehow strung out for miles.  The surface is muddy and slippery, and somehow funnels you into a place you don't want to be.  The natives sharpen their knives, and scream more loudly for your blood.  You can't bring your talent and power to bear, and your weaponry, so bright and shiny when you left home, doesn't work anymore.  Those ridiculously old-fashioned weapons that the Madisonians have suddenly look pretty functional. That drunken general is up on his feet, shouting out orders and looking at you with a gleam in his eye. Your airpower is grounded due to the wind and the cold, and you can only curse and realize that now you know what many other beautiful teams of the past have realized - Madison's basketball court is a pit, a hell-hole, fit for no gentleman worthy of the name, and you have left yourself open to the trap.





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Except that we continue to get every team's best shot. Cody Zeller doesn't do shit for a few games then plays us and he looks like an NBA all star.

OSU is 1-6 against ranked teams, the lone win being over us. And they played their best game of the season at Crisler.

We SHOULD win this game. But there's always that fear that Wisky will play their best game of the season because that's what we get. Plus the fact that we haven't won there since the last game of the 98-99 season.

Wisconsin Wolverine

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We have these really great parties though, they do them at this big venue that holds like 80k people.  Everyone's all drunk & singing & dancing, it's pretty rowdy.  Something happens down in the middle with just a few people, but a lot of the times we don't really notice it.


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Wisconsin is NOT good this year and we should win.  They cannot make free throws to save their live and the offense seems to be "toss the ball around aimlessly for 32 seconds on the perimeter and then jack up a desparation three and see if it goes in".

Now the thing we have worry about is that sometimes those prayers ARE answered (seemingly about 65% time against us) and when they're not the rebounds go randomly to whoever is lucky enough to be standing in the right space when the bounce off the rim.  A rebounding "lottery card" if you will.

If Wisconsin gets real lucky they can win.  Odds are they won't though and we will.


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This game will give us a snapshot for a 1st round NCAA game - OK team and we're not at home but the refs will be fairly neutral.

If we play well, we win by 20. If we play poorly, the pressure falls on us as the favorite and it could get dicey at the end.


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It's kinda cold on the patio this time of year, but you get the idea. Next to Lincoln, Madison was the best fan experience I've had.

Michigan by 12.


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Just picked up 2 tixs at half court 4 rows up for free. So excited i'm telling everyone i see. Haven't seen Michigan play the badgers since they played at the fieldhouse. Hope they blast Bucky by 20.

Naked Bootlegger

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I was about to call you an expletive-laden name for scoring free tix (my non-free tix just fell through, so I'm bummed), but then quickly realized that I should celebrate your good luck, especially since Maize and Blue will be well-represented in the front rows.   Be loud.  Be visible.  I hope to see you at the Kohl Center tomorrow!


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How are they "not good?"  Teams don't win 70% of conference games in any major conference- particularly this years top conference without being "good."

They have a relatively easy schedule left compared to the teams above them as well- they very easily could continue their string of top-4 conference finishes. 

Yes they didn't look great against Iowa- but Iowa is a solid team- with a little luck instead of all bad luck they'd be ahead of Minnesota.  Illinois is also 3-7 like Iowa is and they have had breaks- don't sleep on Iowa- and talk about Wisconsin not being good is silly,

Wisconsin's style of play is not glamerous- but their results are consistent and definitaly good.  Should we win- yes- but it has nothing to do with them not being good.  If they slow down the pace it shouldn't impact us too much.  We are built aroudn efficieny- scoring more points per possession than our opponent- the number of possessions does not seem to impact that too much with this years team- we can run, we can go slow, we can do both...

The two things you relied on for your arguement are also weak.  We aren;'t great at free throws either... free throw percentage and overall success I do not believe are too highly correlated- and offensive efficieny is important- but moswtly so in relation to your defensive efficiency.  Wisconsin won't blow many teams out- and won't get blown out often- their games due to their style are closer- but they manage to be successful or at least show well in all games.  I think people assume ugly play equals bad play- it does not- just as beautiful play does not mean great play necessarily.