Mad 5 Chemistry: extant

Submitted by ClearEyesFullHart on June 28th, 2012 at 10:16 AM

Boredom has got me twitter hopping (yeah, creepy I know, guilty as charged) and it looks as if the Mad 5(Glenn, Mitch, Caris, Spike and Nik) are having a pretty good time on campus goofing off together.  Also of note: seems like GR3 is a bit of an instagram fiend!/GRob_1 














Update:  Nice article in the Ann Arbor news on these guys[email protected] 

Beilein reaffirms what we've gathered from the twitter feed:

"I sense that this group has great spirit and great camaraderie coming in already," Beilein said. "We hope that doesn't change." 

Baumgardner also talks about the extra 8 weeks Beilein gets with the freshmen starting this year:

"Under new NCAA legislation, Beilein and his coaching staff can hold workouts with incoming freshmen over the summer, so long as they're enrolled in school -- giving him a jumpstart in prepping them for their college debuts. "

For an mlive article, its a pretty good read.



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I'm sure I must have missed something somewhere along the way, but when, where and how did this group earn the moniker of "The Mad 5?"


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That really wasn't intended as a judgment on you. I know this is the new normal. This post isn't even near the creepier end of the new normal. I just don't like the whole damn thing. It amounts to an unhealthy level of access that will eventually lead to something extremely shitty happening to one of these kids.


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This might be the first year I have ever been more excited to watch the Basketball team than the Football team.  Still pretty hyped to watch Denard kick some ass out on the field, though!!  B1G champs in both sports!!


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Totally personal, but I assumed GRIII lived with Glenn Robinson (Big Dog) and his mom. That dude in the picture isn't Big Dog. Any idea if he trains with his dad? 

Feat of Clay

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I heard someone observe that the new athletes on campus this summer seem goofier than in prior years.  Not goofy in a bad way, more like playful.  They are more into enjoying stuff and less concerned with acting/seeming cool.

Also:  Nothing wrong with feeding squirrels