M Wrestling crushes MSU in East Lansing, 28-9

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A great rebound after that tough 1-point loss at #2 Minnesota on Friday night to open up the B1G season.

#15 Michigan traveled to East Lansing today to take on unranked MSU.

This dual was supposed to be aired on BTN+ but sparty is too inept to cover something live like every other B1G school so that was a little disappointing because I knew Michigan would just plow through them as usual.

This thing wasn't even close. It was 16-0 Michigan at intermission. Sophomore heavyweight star Adam Coon closed out the beating at the end with a pinfall victory to give Michigan a 28-9 win at a packed Jenison Field House in EL.

Michigan has now beaten MSU 5 years in a row and is 13-3 against MSU in the 21st century, upping the all-time series record to 67-35-5 in favor of Michigan.



Wolverine Devotee

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I disagree.

For one, Yost was built 17 years prior to Jenison.

Yost doesn't look as a bad a Jenison does and it actually has been redone pretty nice. I don't like how the atmosphere for Hockey games has changed inside the bowl with the student section being reduced and the windows being re-installed, but that's another topic for another day.

Yost was originally Yost Field House. Yost Field House served as the Michigan Football indoor practice facility while greats like Yost, Kipke and Crisler were coaching. Yost Field House was probably best known for being the home of Michigan Basketball which featured the likes of Cazzie Russell and Bill Buntin commanding the floor at Yost in the Field House's later years.

Let's also not forget that Yost was the home for indoor track & field and wrestling teams coached by the legendary Cliff Keen prior to the construction of the U-M Indoor Track Building and Crisler, respectively.

I haven't even touched on the great Hockey history that Yost has seen when it was transformed into an ice arena in 1973-74. 

MGJS SuperKick Party

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You don't intend on going to east lansing ever? Wow. Dedication right there.

It's a nice campus, the people are nice enough. Just don't act like a butthole and you're good, which should be a way people live life.

I respect your dedication man, but that's kinda silly.

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Probably because MSU is terrible at wrestling, and has been for a while. Fans of other schools in the conference want the MSU coach fired since they drag the conference down as a whole. 

MSU has had a few accomplished wrestlers, but only those who arrived in East Lansing ready to compete at an All American level; nobody else develops.


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My HS head coach, who is a hall of famer on multiple levels, used to wrestle for Bloomsburg. Anyways, he and his buddy were talking during preseason and decided to go to an open tournament. My coachs friend was training and cutting weight to try and win this tournament, as most were. My coach decided last minute to go, wrestled at his walking around weight, which happened to be in Minkels weight class. Minkel was seeded first and my coach went in and won the whole thing. This was not the Midlands but was another prestigious pre season tourney. We went to MSUs team camp in HS and Minkel still wouldn't even talk or alnowledge my coach. Our coach told us this story and had us dying.


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Is that you could damn near walk from campus to St. Johns, and yet every single wrestler from there goes to Michigan. 

They were OK as a team when they had the Simmons and I think Boudro, they've had a few scattered AA and a champ since then, but that's almost entirely a result of being in a wrestling rich area.

I would like to say that a big part of why that gap is starting to grow is Michigan's willingness to spend. McFarland was able to hire 2 huge name assistant coaches a few years ago from the olympic program, and Michigan has probably the nicest wrestling practice facility in college. 


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was pretty entertaining. Who wrestled 184 for us today? That kid from St. Eds?

Coon looks like a future olympian to me, that kid, or should I say man, is no joke. Rare to see someone with his size move like that. His pin against Minn was awesome!


January 11th, 2015 at 9:05 PM ^

I wouldn't mind seeing Coon on the football field. 

Coon is a lot of things -- superior wrestler, budding engineer, stand-up guy -- but above all, he's a dreamer. He has goals, and lofty ones at that.

He wants to wrestle at the Olympics. After his wrestling career is over, he wants to give professional football a try. And then after that, he wants to go into space.



January 12th, 2015 at 12:13 AM ^

Dom lost to the youngest Rizgallah, 4-3. 

I hope Coon makes the Olympics, almost entirely because that means we would get to enjoy post olympic redshirt year wrestling, which is always awesome. That's how you end up with guys like Jake Herbert teching the #2 kid in the country


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It must be challenging for Sparty to neck bridge what with those brushy helmets and a snarling Wolverine chewing and clawing his face off. Perhaps Sparty is better suited to Jello wrestling. Excellent domination, Blue, may the season be the best one yet.



January 11th, 2015 at 7:27 PM ^

WD, what sports do you think M could win a NC in this year ranging from being a Cinderella story (like W basketball) to having a decent chance (softball)

The Claw

January 12th, 2015 at 9:38 AM ^


125 -- Conor Youtsey (U-M) dec. Mitch Rogaliner, 3-2 U-M, 3-0
133 -- #8 Rossi Bruno (U-M) dec. Hermilo Esquivel, 4-0 U-M, 6-0
141 -- George Fisher (U-M) dec. Javier Gasca, 10-8 U-M, 9-0
149 -- #13 Alec Pantaleo (U-M) major dec. Nick Trimble, 11-3 U-M, 13-0
157 -- #19 Brian Murphy (U-M) dec. Roger Wildmo, 6-0 U-M, 16-0
165 -- #10 Taylor Massa (U-M) injury def. Ryan Watts, 4:58 U-M, 22-0
174 -- Nick Proctor (MSU) dec. Connor Brancheau, 5-3 U-M, 22-3
184 -- John Rizqallah (MSU) dec. #13 Domenic Abounader, 4-3 U-M, 22-6
197 -- Nick McDiarmid (Minn) dec. Chris Heald, 3-2 U-M, 22-9
Hwt -- #8 Adam Coon (U-M) pinned Chris Nash, 6:04 U-M, 28-9

George Fisher is the backup 141 and he beat #11 Gasca.  Good win for him. 

At 174, true freshman Mahomes tore his ACL after starting the year out fantastically.  So UM gets a backup the rest of the year. Mahomes will get his year back.

Abounader got beat but his guy was ranked too, like #15 or something.  He was gassed in his win against Minnesota, so he might need so more conditioning to close out the close ones.

At 197, the starter Huntley was out for an unknown injury.

Theoretically, if everyone is healthy, UM could have swept all the weights.

MSU has been a bad wrestling team for a while.  There is talk on places like intermat that their coach of like 20 years could get the axe at any time. We shall see.