M vs ND live stream?

Submitted by Tuco on September 21st, 2012 at 9:48 AM

I am on honeymoon in Scotland, anybody got any leads on live streams for the game on Saturday?


Thanks and Go Blue!!


Thanks for the link.


May the M Go Blog overlords stone me to death now for asking such a stupid question and taking up precious blog space.


Darth Wolverine

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Pretty sure this thread is posted every week and every time it's the same response. Also, I'm assuming you recently got married and if so, you should have done like I did and postpone the honeymoon until the dead week in December when there are no games. I got married August 25, but told the wife that we won't take the vacation until football was either done or on a break and that week in December is perfect timing.


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Go to American Football, find the Michigan game, click on it, close any pop windows that occur, if the default link doesn't work try the Link 2, Link 3, etc links at the top of the page.  This has been posted every gameday for the past two years.  How you can fail to be aware of it at this stage amazes me.

Blue boy johnson

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Tuco: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Tuco was the ugly I suppose

Spaghetti Westerns at their best.

I understand this thread; Tuco gonna be pissed like Tuco, if he doesn't find a live stream of the M game


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I'm with robbyt003 above -- enjoy your honeymoon, man. I love football as much as the next guy, but... have fun with your wife and watch a recording/replay of the game later.

But, if you insist on watching live: I believe NBC streams their broadcasts of ND home games for free on their website. This link should take you to the game Saturday night:





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Dish Network, in addition to not carrying B10, isn't carrying NBC right now. NBC.com should have it, but I wonder if that can come through on an XBOX 360? Otherwise, it's looking like I have to watch yet another game on my laptop while my big screen HDTV sits dormant, staring at me coldly as if to say "get Comcast shithead".


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I' just moved to Austria, and with two little kids who run me from 7 o'clock every morning, I'm not sure I can rouse myself at 1:30 a.m. to watch live via VPN and NBCSports.com. I know BTN2Go offers on-demand streaming of games the following day, but only from theirs, ESPN, and ABC broadcasts. Does NBC offer anything similar. I don't see it on their website.