M Swim puts historic beating on MSU for 42nd straight win in series

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on February 3rd, 2018 at 1:10 AM

In a series Michigan now leads 89-5 all-time, dominating wins aren't anything to be surprised by.

But today was a record-setter for the #6 Michigan Mens' team on senior day.

The #6 Men (6-1) and #3 Women (9-0) hosted Michigan State for a senior day meet today at Canham Natatorium. 

Both rolled to large wins, the scores being almost indentical the entire meet. Michigan won all 15 events on the Men's side and 13 of 15 on the Women's side.

The Men set a new series record for points (212) and margin of victory (148) in a 212-64 demolition of MSU. That's the 42nd win in a row over the Spartans for the Wolverine Men. The Women took down MSU by a score of 187-89 for their 32nd straight win over MSU. The series record on the women's side stands at 41-2.

The Michigan Men finish the dual season at 7-1 and will train for the B1G Championships in Minneapolis 3 weeks from now.

The Michigan Women complete their first perfect season since 1997-98 with a 10-0 record. They'll train for 2 weeks and then head to Columbus for the B1G Championships as they look to 3peat.


here are some photos I took-



scanner blue

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then was over at Hockey eating a pretzel by middle of the second period. I've seen him at many hockey and basketball games the last few years when he's not at Canham or the olympics. (For you haters, coach Pep also brings his son to both hockey and basketball and cheers heartily for the Blue).


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Does MSU practice in a dry pool how do you win only 5 times in 94 meets?, how did we lose 5?

this just further proves my argument about Hollis and their athletic program while basketball and football has had success as of late its at the expense of all other sports. The softball team has hung 20 runs on them a couple of times recently, hockey disappeared a few years after Red took over and most other sports are nothing to rave about