M Softball v Notre Dame - Elimination Game Open Thread

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Michigan faces Notre Dame at noon. The game has been bumped up to ESPN. Notre Dame beat Michigan 4-1 in Game 1. Michigan went on to beat UIC, and Notre Dame got crushed by Kentucky, forcing this loser's bracket rematch. The winner will take on Kentucky at 2:30 and would have to beat the Wildcats twice (if necessary game would be tomorrow) to advance to Super Regionals.



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They can be really effective if they can consistently chop it really hard into the ground... but it takes a lot of skill. From my viewpoint as a bystander following the team, Michigan has forced previous power hitters into this role because of their speed and the need to fill this made up role.


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I could be wrong, but has a Michigan team had this little power in recent history? I would like to see how little home runs this team has compared to the past.


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in 2017. She's won Michigan's only National Championship in softball and was in the title game as recently as 2015.  She coached the Big Ten's only National Championship and has the conference's most recent appearance as well.

She's a legend, and more importantly, she's a legend that is *still* winning Big Ten titles and recruiting nationally prominent players despite inherent disadvantages that cold weather climate teams have to deal with.  She's also won 19 Big Ten regular season titles and 9 tournament titles and is a 17-time Big Ten coach of the year, including this year.

She's a consistent winner in the conference and has Michigan on the national scene year-in and year-out.  She's not going anywhere, until she wants to.


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These are the clowns I'm talking about when I say this time of year is bittersweet because it attracts them since it's on ESPN.

Just stay away and keep your ridiculous hottakes to football. Hutch is the winningest coach in Michigan Athletics history and college softball history you bozo. 


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Hard to say this season wasn’t a disappointment in some sense. But at least we got back to winning the conference. Need to be much better next year with the bats and defensively against good teams and in big moments