M Soccer Open Thread

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Michigan's men's soccer team is playing Wisconsin in the Big Ten Tournament semifinal right now on BTN. No score 5 minutes in. If you're watching, join in here.



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Wisconsin is playing a 4-4-1-1, Michigan is playing a 4-3-3. Michigan is controlling play. Wisconsin is really hanging back, which has allowed Quijano to get high up the field.

Soony has put a ball off the post and put a 25 yarder just over the bar. This is the first time I've had a chance to watch him, and he's special. His ball control, speed and shot are amazing. He's good enough that he should strongly consider going pro as soon as possible.


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He could go pro if he wants to. There doesn't seem to be any age restriction for the MLS (i.e. Freddie Adu).  Sounds like he wants to stay at least one more year to get the team some hardware and maybe some for himself.  He's definitely going to be great at the next level. 


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It's not like the pay in MLS is that great. Most of the roster types make in the $50,000 range. The developmental players make substantially less. At that level, it may make sense to stay and get a degree.

If European trials come his way, however, that compensation is much better.


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soony entered the zone, a defender challenged, and a favorable deflection kept the ball right at soony's feet in stride. he played it forward to moody who was posting up about 12 yards out, he gave it right back and soony buried it far post with his right foot. 


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...correct.  This confirms it.

Goals Total
1. Mychal Turpin (2003) 14
2. Peri Marosevic (2008) 13
3. Knox Cameron (2003) 12
t4. Knox Cameron (2002) 10
t4. Mychal Turpin (2002) 10

He also set the single season points record.  This goal gives him 37 points.

Points Total
t1. Mychal Turpin (2003) 33
t1. Knox Cameron (2003) 33
3. Peri Marosevic (2008) 29
t4. Mychal Turpin (2002) 25
t4. Mike White (2002) 25

According to the MGoBlue.com post-game story, Soony Saad also leads the NCAA in goal scoring.

Here's the deal on the finals:

The Wolverines advance to the Big Ten final for the second time in school history and will take on host Penn State, which advanced with a 2-1 win over Indiana in the second semifinal, at noon on Sunday (Nov. 14). Fans can watch the action live on the Big Ten Network with Dean Linke and Chris Doran on the call.


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GOAL Michigan!


Soony Saad scores after a loltastic goalkeeping mistake. Wolverines hit a hopeful longball, a defensive miscommunication leads to the GK unnecessarily coming out and getting beat to the ball. Soony with a nice finish with the GK out.