M signs deal with Stubhub for tickets

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So the Athletic Department will now officially endorse ticket scalping through Stubhub, as long as they get a cut.

I've never used Stubhub, but from what I've read it's usually expensive and Stubhub takes a huge cut (which forces prices even higher). The part that makes me most nervous is this:


Throughout the 2011-12 Wolverine athletic season, StubHub marketing assets will be highly visible across football, basketball and hockey properties for the University. StubHub will host a football hospitality event for the historic, first-ever night game at Michigan Stadium, which is Sept. 10 against Notre Dame. Additionally, StubHub will be featured courtside, on dasher board signs, and via radio promotions. The partnership will round out with MGoBlue.com strategic placements and social media elements.


It's just one step closer to advertising inside Michigan Stadium. And if the Stubhub logo appears on the face of the (probably collectors items) Notre Dame/Nebraska/Ohio State tickets, there will probably be a riot toward Dave Brandon's office.



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like Brian said...you give an inch you give a mile.

All this marketing blitz is bad news bears, the effing program was already one of the highest profile ones in the country on history and tradition alone let alone the need to wave StubHub in my face at every turn, if I want to buy tickets from StubHub I will go there myself thank you very much. 

DB has done many good deeds during his tenure, but I go to football games to watch FOOTBALL.  If I wanted to deal with ad blitzs during every timeout/sideline/highlight play/water bottles/ etc I would save myself the money and stay at home. 


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It may be obvious to all, but to be clear - "properties" in this context are not (necessarily) real estate but instead are essentially activities, media, signs, etc., where StubHub can get it's logo.  I'd be very surprised if the inventory included the opportunity for StubHub to get it's logo on UM's stadium.  It's very possible that the video board will run a SH promo or recognition and they'll get a free page in the program or on the back of drink cups and the opportunity to have on-site booth/kiosks to promote their services. 


Kilgore Trout

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I have had the opposite experience with their customer service.  I bought tickets to a Tiger game that never got uploaded by the seller.  I called Stub Hub a few days before the game and they immediately called the seller, determined that he wasn't going to actually upload them, and replaced my seats with better tickets at no cost.  The entire thing took less than 30 minutes.


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I've had mostly positive experiences, they really gut you ticket resale though their cut so unless tickets have markably appreciated since you bought them you often end up with a pretty substantial losses for tickets you never used.  Thats the cost of access to a pretty well guarenteed market I guess though.

Class of 1817

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Well, I think most people have a good perspective on this.

Honestly, it doesn't really matter that much...but it's not good news, either.

And yeah, it looks like this will be what we'll have to deal with in the future.

I wish I would've saved the ticket from my first game, I think it was an $18 face value.

...and you can stay on my lawn, don't worry.


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I have used SH to both buy and sell tix.  Since you have not, be aware that sellers who post set their own price - not SH.  Exactly like the scapler riding his bike through Pioneer HS does.  SH does take a cut, but they pay the FedEx fees and they provide a useful service along with guarantees (I always wonder if that guy on his bike is selling bogus paper).  It appears this arrangement will allow UM to profit from the fan-to-fan ticket market.  OK by me.




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What would be an interesting twist is if they gave StubHub an intitial batch of tickets which wouldn't be delivered till a set date close the start of the season (or, i guess, just valid e-tickets).   Commoditized electronic ticket speculation here I come!


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with a newborn at home, StubHub is a very valuable tool and very good service to buy and sell from. Yes, it is expensive for both parties to partake in their service, but picking where you want to sit as well as your pain threshold is pretty attractive for buyers and getting paid for your sold seats couldnt be easier for sellers.

Also, there are deals if you hunt them out as well! I got $100 face Cubs seats behind the vistors dugout earlier this season for $26 each including fees and e-shipping. Can't beat that!


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had any trouble selling out its stands. Yeah they overinflate the attendance total for each home game, but an actual count of 90,000 people in a 109,901+ stadium doesn't sound like Michigan needs any help from Stubhub.

Tony Soprano

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One benefit I noticed is that tickets can be delivered electronically - that's money savings for the buyers and time savings for the sellers (no need to Fed Ex).


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Just got an email from Dave Brandon saying that club seats and suites are not part of the stub hub program AND that he personally requests that we not sell premium seating on any secondary market.