M SB mercies Purdue again 10-0

Submitted by MGoSoftball on April 10th, 2011 at 3:31 PM

The #4 Michigan Softball team mercied Purdue for a second straight game today by a score of 10-0.  This is the third back to back mercy rule win for the Woverines thus far this year. 

Michigan was led my the strong arm of Stephanie Speierman who pitched 4.1 innings.  Stephanie walked the bases loaded in the fourth with one out and JT came in and struck out the final two batters of the innings.  Purdue only managed 2 hits today.

My pick for All-American Ashley Lane was the offensive hero today.  She went 2 for 3 with 4 RBIs and a run scored.  Ashley now leads the team in HRs and RBIs.  Not to shabby hitting from the number 5 slot.

Colie Sappingfield also contributed by going 1 for 2 with 2 RBIs and 2 runs scored.  Dorian Shaw's bat came alive today by going 2 for 3 with an RBI and a run scored.

These were both impressive wins considering the first three games at home were duds.  I guess we are a warm weather team.





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I was wondering if you were going to check in with us. 

I agree with your assessment.  The game was full of energy and passion.  Even the Umps got into the game (although it turned negative for us).  It was a cold and dark 43 degrees that day. 

What a difference a week makes.  I am not worried at all.  We are still in the drivers seat.  We will host a regional and quite possibly the super regional.  I already have my hotel reservations for that weekend.  I dont want to drive back home because I intend to celebrate.


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At the start MGoSoftball I can tell you I didn't like these threads or read them. Your persistence has paid off, and I now kind of enjoy the threads and reading about the team. So for that, thanks. Keep it going ladies, and keep the updates coming MGo.


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you are not alone.  There are many many people that do not like women softball in general.  I dont know why but maybe because it is a woman's sport?

Softball is a different game than baseball.  Many of us played baseball in our youth and through high school.  So softball is foreign to us.  i admit, it was to me. 

My wife did not co-operate and gave me 2 daughters.  So I had to learn the game in a short period of time.  I sent my daughter to M Camp with Hutch and the rest is history.

Welcome to the fold.


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I think the women are far too talented for that Little League size field they play on. Seriously. A sharp grounder to the shortstop (fielded cleanly) -- or sometimes, even to the second baseman -- should NOT result in a bang-bang play at first, but it usually does.

I played on a field with virtually the same dimensions (actually, I believe that the pitching rubber was a few feet further back in Little League) when I was eight years old.

This is NOT a knock on the athletes themselves. As Lloyd (or Brady) would say, the elite ones are tremendous.

Now, all that said, I do enjoy watching -- and I have to remind myself, as you aptly pointed out, it IS a different game.


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you.  The dims are exactly that of a Little League field, 60 feet bases and 200 feet fences.  The pitching distance is 43 feet and Little League boys baseball is 46 feet.  So pinkfloyd, your memory is intact.  I applaud you good sir.

Softball is rarely a mercy rule win.  The typical score is 3-2 or 2 to 1.  They are pitcher's duals.  Small ball is the name of the game. 

Last weekend at the Indiana game, many of the left handed girls were hitting with only 2 foot on the ground, just inside the batters box.  The lead foot was in the air.  If it was touching the ground, the batter would have been called out.  I saw several base hits with swings from 1 leg planted.  The girls have power.


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Yup, they hit with some power. No doubt about it.

Yeah, the fact that most games are pitchers' duels irks me a little -- there seems to be such a HUGE advantage to the pitcher over the hitter in softball, as evidenced by the very high number of Ks you tend to see in games. I know that when they show the LLWS on TV, they always make a point to "translate" the actual MPH to a perceived MPH, based on the shorter distance. That perception is even greater in softball. I honestly don't know how they make contact. I'd never even see the ball, even though it's much larger than what I was used to hitting back in the day.

So...kudos to the high-average hitters. It doesn't appear like an easy thing to do. At all. Perhaps that's why the basepaths are 60 feet and the field dimensions are so small...there HAS to be a little something to give the hitter!


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That does deserve special mention.  Senior Alyicia Ryan hit a monster jam in the bottom of the 3rd.  She had a 6 pitch 3-2 count and delivered one to the pine trees.   There were no runners on base for her solo shot.  It was her 3rd of the season.

Alycia is a trooper.  She was robbed last weekend (in my opinion and I will not bitch about it). She may not have the power of Dorian and Ashley but she is certainly a valued member of this team. 

I will have to confirm if we lose her next year.  Again, my sincere appologies to Alycia.  Thanks for pointing that out.