M SB loses to Minny 1-0

Submitted by MGoSoftball on April 21st, 2012 at 2:56 PM

The Michigan Softball team could not get the bats going today as they lost 1-0 to a very good Minny team.  We could only muster 2 hits off home-grown Minny Senior pitcher Sara Moulton.  As I mentioned in the pre-season B1G review, Minny has a much better team than in past years.  Moulton has been a key part of the Minny revival.  She leads the B1G in ERA.  We have to tip our hats to the ladies up north.  They are playing very well this year.

Today's game was the battle between #1 and #2.  Moulton is the #1 pitcher and Haylie is the #2 pitcher in the B1G in terms of ERA.  It was a great game for both pitchers.

We are 5th in batting average in the B1G.  That is not going to win you many close games.  We lead the B1G in team pitching and team fielding.  So it all boils down to our drop in offensive production this year.

We had a chance today to score some runs.  In the 7th inning we had runners on but could not put together a string of hits to score a run.  We had two strike outs in that 7th frame.  That is what kills us.  We need to put the ball in play and make opponents get us out. 

Haylie Wagner was in the circle today and pitched one hell of a game.  She scattered 4 hits and threw only one bad pitch.  That one bad pitch left the yard for Minny's only score.  Haylie is the real deal and I am so looking forward to her and Sara in the 3 years.  Congrats to Haylie, you pitched a great game today.  You just cant win them all alone.



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Too bad, although they can still take the series. Luckily, Minnesota can't threaten M's first place position, although they need seperation from Purdue (who is trailing in the fourth against Illinois).

Currently listening to some softball on the radio, actually.


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M has 4 1-0 losses so far this year: UMass, ASU, Western, and now Minn. They also lost 2-0 to USF and Oklahoma and 2-1 to Louisville.

The pitching/defense is not much worse than it was last year: up to 2.26 runs a game from 1.93. The offense is down from 6.51 runs a game to 4.77.

Smash Lampjaw

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I have been curious to see how much they use Moulton in a 3-game series. Hard to see how they have lost 7 conference games with a pitcher like that. BTY, this weather is what is wrong with college softball in the north. 45 degrees and rain- great softball weather.